Eliminate Sugar Cravings Hypnosis NYC

Eliminate Sugar Cravings Hypnosis NYC

Imagine how healthy you will feel while you are losing weight and keeping it off by simply eliminating your sugar cravings….

If you find yourself constantly battling the challenges of eating and living healthier because of your sugar cravings, you may often wonder –

“Why do I find it so difficult to pass the bakery without stopping?”

“Why do I crave sugary foods after a meal?”

“I eat healthy all day long, why do I feel as if I need something sweet at night?”

“If I don’t eat something sweet, I just don’t feel good. How do I overcome this?”

Nearly everyone enjoys a sugary snack every now and again; however, some people crave sugar so strongly it could be considered an addiction. If you are struggling with your cravings and find that no matter how hard you try, they just can’t seem to be ignored, then consider hypnosis to stop sugar cravings.


Being so far removed from your sugar cravings that they no longer have any effect on you

Enjoying living a positive healthy lifestyle that has no room for sugar addictions

Feeling good about yourself and your level of self-control

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Are You Addicted to Sugar?

You crave sugar even when you’re not hungry

You go out of your way to get sugary snacks

You hide your sugary snacks or even lie about them

Have cravings that require more and more sugar

You crash later in the day

You feel guilty afterwards

Sugar calms you down or soothes you

When you cut back on sugar, do you?

Feel tired and lethargic 

Have trouble sleeping 

Get headaches 

Feel nauseas 

Have body aches

The average American consumes 153 pounds of sugar each year. To get some context, 200 years ago the average was 2 pounds of sugar per year. The human body was not meant to intake, what amounts to, 3 pounds of sugar every week. This translates into about 43 teaspoons of sugar a day. Doctors and nutritionists suggest no more than 13 teaspoons of sugar a day, which is slightly more sugar than what is found in a can of soda.

Eliminate sugar cravings hypnosis eliminates your craving and your desire to snack by planting empowering suggestions directly to your subconscious. Did you know that your subconscious influences every thought, emotion, and behavior you have? If your subconscious wants you to snack, then odds are, you are going to snack. If your subconscious isn’t working in harmony with your conscious decisions to eat healthy and limit your sugar intake, you will be fighting an uphill battle.


Complete Freedom from Sugar Cravings

Eating Healthy Foods Only When You’re Hungry

Freedom from the Guilt You Once Experienced

What sugars do to the bio chemicals in your body

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In the body, scientific studies show that sugar acts like a drug that causes the body’s insulin levels to jump, creating the release of serotonin, which makes you feel good, at least for a while. As your insulin levels go back down, your sugar rush bottoms out, leaving you wanting more. Odds are, you aren’t thinking about how sugar makes you feel good, you just know it does, and that trying to quit sugar is harder than you might have imagined.

An addiction to sugar also impacts dopamine levels. Dopamine also makes you feel good every time you have a sugary snack. In the same way that a drug addict can never reexperience the initial high, over time you need more and more sugar to get that same pleasure. This is because your tolerance to sugar builds up over time.

Sugary snacks and drinks cause an increase in the release of Ghrelin. Ghrelin is responsible for telling the body when to eat. Because sugar causes Ghrelin to increase, you are more likely to reach for sugary drinks and snacks when you think you’re hungry.

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Your conscious mind reinforces your addiction to sugar. You eat a sugary snack and you calm down. You have a soda and you feel better. You have another sugary snack and you get a temporary boost of energy. You start to believe that eating sugary snacks are the way to make yourself feel good. 

To break this belief, the subconscious mind needs to be programmed to believe the exact opposite. In hypnosis directions or suggestions will be given to help you see the reality of what sugar is and is not. These temporary mood shifts only lead to a desire for more sugar and a dip in energy and mood. This is why eliminate sugar cravings hypnosis is effective; it reaches deep into the subconscious to eliminate the issues that are causing your sugar cravings.

Emotional Connections 

At an unconscious level you may associate sugary snacks with love, happiness, and family. Maybe as a child you were given sweets as a reward for a good report card. Perhaps you associate cake and pastries with a grandparent who used to spoil you. Maybe your father used to bring you European chocolates when he came back home from a business trip. Perhaps you witnessed your mother eating sweets when she was stressed.

Logically you understand that having a sugary snack does not address loneliness, boredom, stress, or anxiety but that is the connection your mind has created. These associations need to be reframed / let go of.  This can only be done by tapping into your subconscious mind and with the use of hypnotic techniques. We can help you break these connections so that you no longer seek out unhealthy snacks. 

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Whether you crave sugar as a way to deal with stress or anger, or you have simply formed a powerful habit of sugar consumption, hypnosis can free you from your cravings. By identifying why you crave sugar, and eliminating these triggers, the NYC Hypnosis Center eliminate sugar cravings hypnosis  program can break the cycle of sugar addiction, increase your feelings of confidence and self-control, and plant positive, healthy affirmations to your subconscious. When you feel stressed, angry, or sad, instead of reaching for sugar, you will be motivated to do something positive and healthy like soak in a hot tub, take a walk, exercise, or do something creative.

Hypnosis for sugar cravings is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to overcome your sugar addiction. Hypnosis works directly in the subconscious, eliminating negative beliefs and thoughts, and aligning your goals, so you can move past your sugar addiction and start enjoying a healthier you!

A New York Hypnosis, Stop Sugar Cravings Hypnosis session can assist you:

Rid Yourself of Sugar Cravings entirely

Find Constructive Ways to Address Life’s Difficulties

Break any Emotional Connections to Sugar

Scientific Studies Supporting the Use of Hypnosis

Hypnosis Is 30 Times More Effective Than Other Weight Loss Tools

In a study involving 60 female participants, hypnosis proved to be a more successful approach to weight loss than dieting alone. All participants were at least 20 percent or more overweight at the start of the study. They were separated into two groups: one group using diet alone and another group utilizing hypnosis. The group utilizing only diet restrictions lost 0.5 pounds. The group utilizing hypnosis, however, lost an average of 17 pounds.  As a part of the hypnosis treatment, the group also received information on boosting motivation, decision making, improving decision-making skills, and strengthening their ego. 

Hypnosis for Addictions 2 Years Later 78% remained clean

study of drug addicts who used either heroin, cocaine, or marijuana were monitored for 2 years after utilizing hypnosis. 78% stayed clean of heroin and 100% remained  free of cocaine and marijuana. 

Lose Weight with Hypnosis and Eat healthy portions and Eliminate Sugar Cravings

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