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Are You Your Own Toughest Critic?

Everyone has conversations with themselves.  While you’re at work, in the car, or on the treadmill, you are silently talking to yourself.  However, what you say to yourself – or, the so-called “self-talk” that you engage in – can have a major impact on how you live your life.

Sadly, negative self-talk is a problem for lots of people.  Anytime you tell yourself things like “It’s too hard” or “I can’t,” you are setting yourself up to fail – instead of looking for ways to succeed.  Unfortunately, you may be so used to negative self-talk that you don’t even realize what you’re saying to yourself or how it is affecting your daily life.

If you feel as though you have too much negative self-talk, self criticism hypnosis can help.

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Some people try to eliminate negative self-talk by trying to stop talking to themselves altogether.  However, that doesn’t work.  Everyone has inner conversations with themselves; you simply cannot avoid it.  However, you can, overcome the negative self talk   with a self criticism hypnosis session.

During negative self-talk hypnosis, you will learn how to replace those bad thoughts and comments with positive ones.

At your negative self-talk hypnosis appointment, you will go into a trance-like state so that a certified hypnotist can give the appropriate suggestions directly to your subconscious mind.  Your subconscious is where all of your memories are stored, and it is responsible for most of your actions – including your self-criticism and negative self-talk.  By tapping into your subconscious, you can discover what specifically is causing your negative self-talk, so that you can stop it.

Your negative self-talk may be a result of experiences earlier in your life.  For example, if your parents always blamed you for everything, you grew up thinking that everything was your fault.  Or, if one of your parents was always blaming themselves for everything, you may have started to model the same behavior.

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By changing how the past event is perceived from the subconscious level, you can overcome self-criticism. We at the New York Hypnosis Institute can reframe the way your subconscious perceives the event and remove the limiting beliefs that stem from that experience.

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During negative self-talk hypnosis, your subconscious can be trained to alert you every time you say something bad about yourself. As a result, you can realize what you’re doing to yourself and chose a more appropriate inner dialogue. Even saying something as simple as, “I know that’s not true.  This is not my fault,” or, “I know I’m not stupid.  I’m good at lots of things,” can help you overcome your inner critic.

If you tired of caring too much about what people think of you and want to minimize or eliminate your negative self-talk, hypnosis might be the solution.

A New York Hypnosis Overcome Self Criticism Hypnosis session can help you:

Conquer Negative Self-Talk completely

Unleash your new found Confidence

Self Criticism Hypnosis for Focus Drive and Success NYC

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