Child Nightmares and Sleeping in the Dark

Hypnosis for Nightmares and Sleeping in the dark NYC

Imagine helping your child sleep through the night peacefully without nightmares.

When a child has a phobia of nightmares and sleeping in the dark, it can make life hard for everyone. You are woken up in the middle of the night by screams of terror. At school, your child is not able to do their best because they are always tired.

If your child has nightmares, they may wonder:

“Will I ever be able to sleep with the lights off?”

“When will I be able to sleep like everyone else?”

“Why does this have to happen to me?”

Many children outgrow a phobia of nightmares and sleeping in the dark. In some cases, this fear can remain. It makes calm, restful sleep impossible. Each night, the child has to have their favorite stuffed animal and a night light just to go to bed. Before long, they are awake again as another nightmare keeps them up. Luckily, your child does not have to live with a fear of nightmares and sleeping in the dark.

Imagine . . .

Being able to sleep through the night.

Waking up feeling calm and restful.

Escaping from the bad dreams and night terrors.

The cause of the nightmares is in the mind. Once someone has a memory of nightmares, their mind returns to the same thoughts. They are afraid of the same dreams happening again. This can make it hard to sleep. During the day, the child cannot focus at school because they are so tired. When it is time for bed, they want to sleep with you and escape from their fears.

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Nightmares and Sleeping in the Dark

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The root of this problem is in the subconscious mind. When someone has a fear, their mind develops a new pattern. It focuses on the fear over and over again. In some cases, this fear is caused by a certain trigger. In hypnosis, you can find out what this trigger is and reshape it. By changing how the mind works, you can change your mental and physical response to nightmares.

The subconscious mind is like a database. It stores all of the memories you have made in your life. If you have a bad memory, your subconscious mind returns to it over and over again. Even though you never really lived out the dream, your subconscious does not understand that. It returns to the same nightmares and makes you have them again.

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With a hypnosis session, you are able to reshape the problem. You can change how your mind looks at the memory of nightmares. Instead of feeling afraid of the dark, you feel calm and relax. Hypnosis can help you identify the trigger and reshape the mind. Once you reprogram the mind, the memory stops causing nightmares and fear.

Positive affirmations and visualizations work to change how the mind works. You can train the mind to enjoy the peace of darkness. When you go to bed, you feel relaxed and happy. Through hypnosis, you can live a life free of fears and nightmares.

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