Gastric Band / Lap Band Hypnosis

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Have You Considered Gastric Band Surgery but are Worried about the Risks?

Are you Tired of Yo-yo dieting and being Overweight?

Are you looking for a Natural and Pain Free Option to Reduce your Weight?

Does the cost of a Lap Band Surgery Concern You?

Have you thought about having gastric band surgery? While many people see the surgery as the final option, there is a safe and natural way to lose weight without going under the knife. The surgery itself involves putting a band around the upper part of your stomach which limits how much food you can eat. The idea is that you feel full after eating far less food, which in turn promotes weight loss. But what about the side effects and risks involved.

Side Effects

Aside from the risks that going under anesthesia can have, while minimal, research has shown that patients who undergo gastric band surgery can face many different complications. The band itself can erode or slip out of place over time. When this happens patients can experience heartburn and vomiting. In some cases, a second surgery is needed to either remove, adjust, or replace the band.

Other complications include a blockage in your gut or even a leak. While a gut leak is rare, it is very serious and can require antibiotics or even surgery to address the issue. Blockages can cause issues with bowel movements, vomiting, difficulty swallowing, and stomach pain. A gut blockage will require help from a doctor to clear. Malnutrition is also a concern, as some patients do not get the vitamins they need due the lap band procedure.

Gastric Band Hypnosis

The gastric band hypnosis download will guide you into a relaxed state of trance. In this state your mind can be programmed to experience the same benefits of the gastric band surgery without any of the complications, risks, and side effects. You can feel full faster and eat smaller meals as a result of the experience.


Feeling full after eating a small portion of food

Losing Weight Easily and Naturally

Feeling Confident and in Control

The reason the gastric band hypnosis MP3 is so effective is because your mind believes you have had the procedure and tells your body to respond as if you had the actual surgery. Hypnosis taps into the subconscious mind and allows for positive suggestions to be accepted. It directs your mind to imagine going to the hospital, having the surgery, and awakening afterwards with the reality that you eat less and feel full after only eating small portions of food.

Don’t expose yourself to the complications, risks, and side effects of surgery. The gastric band hypnosis MP3 can leave you feeling relaxed and confident in this new chapter of your life.

Take control of your life, as well as your eating habits, by ordering the gastric band hypnosis download today!

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Gastric Band / Lap Band Hypnosis
$79.95 $59.95