Frequently Asked Questions

NYC Hypnosis Downloads Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Be Hypnotized? 

Almost everyone can be hypnotized. There are a small number of people (5%) who can’t be hypnotized at all. There are people on the other end, about 10%, who fall into a very deep trance. Everyone else (85%) fall between the two extremes and are able to be hypnotized appropriately. If you follow the instructions, you can be hypnotized. Many people will experience great results regardless of whether they are very hypnotizable or fall within the 85% in the middle. 

How long are the recordings?

On average, the recordings run 30 to 45 minutes long.

Are Self-Hypnosis Downloads for everyone?

The NYC Hypnosis downloads were created by hypnotists with a wealth of experience helping clients with a variety of challenges. These hypnosis MP3s include many different hypnotic techniques specifically chosen to address the particular challenge. These techniques have been used and tested over many decades with hypnosis download, in-person, and Skype clients.

Most people can be successful with self-hypnosis. The key is to follow the instruction and be open to the experience. Sticking to the sessions and following the simple instructions help to make your self-hypnosis experience a success. 

People who have a psychotic mental illness like schizophrenia and people who have epilepsy may want to consider another method other than hypnotherapy or self-hypnosis. If you have a question about whether hypnosis is right for you, it’s best to consult with your doctor or health professional. 

Which is Better: In-Person Hypnosis or a Download? 

A download is just as effective as an in-person session. Some people may feel more comfortable being in the safety of their home, making the downloads a better choice for them. The experience of a high-quality download like the ones we offer, is just as effective as an in-person session. 

How do hypnosis mp3’s guide me into hypnosis?

The NYC Hypnosis downloads guide you into hypnosis with a combination of relaxation and breathing techniques, confusion, storytelling, overload, and guided imagery. Those who are not visual, simply imagine what is being described. Most customers find hypnosis to be very relaxing in addition to helping them overcome their challenge. 

How will I know I am in hypnosis?

Hypnotic trance is a subjective experience. This simply means that everyone experiences it a little bit differently. Some emerge feeling very relaxed. Others feel like a very short time has passed. During trance some download customers may notice twitching, a heavy feeling in their body, numbness, eye fluttering, or a floating feeling. You many experience none, one, or more than one of these sensations. NYC Hypnosis download customers often find that the more they listen to the session, the more they notice different sensations. 

What types of hypnotic techniques are used in the MP3’s?

We created the downloads using several, time and tested, hypnotic methods which include metaphors, direct suggestions, imagery, and in some cases two voices at the same time. Metaphors and stories not only guide customers into trance but are also useful in delivering directions to the inner mind for change. Two voices create an overload that can initiate trance as well as give directions to the unconscious mind for the change desired. Imagery and imagination are a way of reinforcing the suggestions for change, along with creating trance.

The suggestions, stories, imagery, and directions are strategically placed within the recording. This allows the inner mind to clearly receive the directions for positive change, in the best way and at the right time, during the hypnosis recording.

How Quickly Does It Work?

For some people, changes start to happen immediately. For some, it may take days or weeks. It’s not possible to say precisely when changes will happen, because each situation is different. Changes can also be so small at first; they may not be noticeable until the changes build up over time. 

What’s the Best Way to Listen to a Download? 

Listen to the recording in a quiet space where you can feel comfortable. Most people like to listen to the self-hypnosis session before going to sleep at night. However, you can listen to it whenever it is most convenient for you. Just make sure you choose a time where there will be minimal distractions. It’s also vital for you not to listen to it when you drive or operate machinery, just to be safe. 

NYC Hypnotherapy downloads frequently asked questions

How Often Should I Play the Downloads? 

Ideally, you should listen to it every day for the first week. After that, you should listen to it every other day for the next three weeks. Following this, you can listen to them whenever you feel like you need the boost. The most you should listen to the downloads is twice per day, with at least a one-hour break between.

What Happens if I Fall Asleep?

You can listen to the downloads while you’re asleep. However, it’s best to use them while you are awake. Falling asleep to hypnosis is normal because the person can experience a very relaxed state that leads to sleep. 

Do I Need Headphones?

Although you don’t need headphones, it works best if you do. Headphones prevent distractions and can let you hear the appropriate voices in each ear. 

Is Hypnosis Safe to Use When Pregnant?

It’s safe to use self-hypnosis if you are pregnant. Being relaxed can also be a good thing for you and your baby. 

What if I Fall Asleep Listening and Wake Up at the End?

It’s typical to feel as if you’ve fallen fast asleep during a session. Although it may feel like you were sleeping, you may have been awake that whole time. Your subconscious remains alert and will wake you up when it’s over. 

Will Being Hypnotized Change Who I Am as a Person?

No. Hypnosis will not change your personality. It can help you improve your life, but your character will remain the same. Hypnosis does tend to help people be more confident and calmer.

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