Freedom from Anorexia

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Enjoying your food without obsessively counting the calories.

Anorexia destroys your self-image and distorts your relationship with food. If you suffer from anorexia, you’ve probably wondered…

Will I ever be able to see food in a healthy way?

How can I stop obsessing about calories and ingredients?

Is there a way to change my thoughts about gaining weight?

Anorexia is an intense fear of gaining weight. A person with anorexia might believe their problems are caused by their appearance or their weight. This belief causes them to severely cut down and obsess over calories. They may even avoid social situations where food is present. Anorexics often go to great lengths to hide their disorder by lying about their eating. Over-exercising, hiding food, and strict dieting can also be symptoms of anorexia. If not dealt with, anorexia can lead to significant health problems and, in some cases, even death.



Eating a joyful and guilt-free dinner with close friends.

Consuming a healthy and delicious meal instead of a tasteless low-calorie one.

Looking into the mirror after gaining two pounds and loving what you see.


Hypnosis can help you manage anorexia. Through suggestions and visual imagery, hypnosis can restructure how your mind thinks about the food you eat. With hypnosis, you can also switch your mind’s view about weight gain, creating a positive opinion of yourself. By programming your mind to follow healthier thought patterns, hypnosis can reduce your obsession with calories and weight.

If you’re feeling trapped by anorexia, our Freedom from Anorexia Hypnosis download can help you break free. Our relaxing download can program your mind to think differently about your body, calories, and food—making it easier for you to cut the chains that keep you in anorexia’s grasp. Convenient and private, you can listen to our download when you need to and wherever you feel most comfortable. Get our Freedom from Anorexia Hypnosis MP3 today and fix your relationship with food.

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Freedom from Anorexia
$49.95 $39.95