Freedom from Night Terrors

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Waking up feeling calm, refreshed, and thankful for a good night’s rest.

Night terrors can cause a person to scream and flail in their sleep, keeping themselves and the people around them from getting a good night’s sleep. If you struggle with night terrors, you might ask yourself…

What can I do to keep myself from frightening the people around me?

Is there a medication-free way to have a peaceful sleep?

How can I control my body while I’m asleep?

Night terrors —which is similar to sleepwalking— can be intense, frightening, and disturbing. Though occurring mostly in children, adults may also experience night terrors. The intense fear, yelling, and crying of a night terror sufferer can keep them and the people near them awake at night. Night terrors are often caused by anxiety and exhaustion. However, the fear and exhaustion from night terrors can lead to more anxiety—causing a vicious loop.



Getting ready for bed each night, confident that you will wake up relaxed and rejuvenated in the morning.

Checking on your child at night, lovingly watching them sleep peacefully.

Sleeping as a guest in someone’s home without being worried about night terrors.


Hypnosis can help you calm your mind and sleep through the night. By visualizing yourself resting or sleeping calmly, hypnosis can change your negative thought patterns, keeping you from becoming caught in a loop. Your inner mind will then act on the suggestion to sleep comfortably and calmly so that you can experience relief.

The suggestions given during this hypnosis download can also change the way your mind reacts to anxiety. Hypnosis helps to soothe your fears, which can help you to comfortably sleep through the night.

Our Freedom from Night Terrors MP3 download can help you, or your child, get the sleep you need. Pre-recorded sessions by our certified hypnotist can help you overcome Night Terrors. Order our Freedom from Night Terrors hypnosis download today and your way to a better night’s sleep.

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Freedom from Night Terrors Hypnosis Download MP3
Freedom from Night Terrors
$49.95 $39.95