Why Have Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression Therapy New York City

Past Life Regression therapy has garnered widespread popularity, as more and more people who believe in the possibility of reincarnation seek to experience this modality.  History of Past Life Regression The notion of reincarnation suggests that following one’s death, they may be reborn into …

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Hypnosis for Career Related Resolutions

Hypnotherapy for Career Related New Year's Resolutions

When we think about New Year’s resolutions, goals like weight loss and quitting smoking come to mind. However, it’s worth considering our growth- and work-related goals as well. Common resolutions include becoming more focused and motivated, as well as learning new skills, and managing …

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Is Hypnosis Therapy?

Is Hypnosis Therapy NYC

Some of the most common questions asked about hypnosis include: What is the difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy? Is hypnosis therapy? Or put differently, is hypnosis therapeutic? To answer these questions, we need to define what hypnosis is, and address common misconceptions. One common …

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Does Hypnosis for Dyslexia work?

Hypnosis For Dyslexia NYC

Individuals with dyslexia have difficulty learning how to read. There are challenges in how they interpret words, phrases, and symbols none of which are a reflection of intellectual abilities. Hypnosis for dyslexia is very effective for a number of reasons. When someone is dealing …

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Hypnosis for Multiple Sclerosis

Hypnosis for Multiple Sclerosis NYC

There is evidence and data that supports the practice of hypnosis to alleviate common symptoms and challenges that individuals diagnosed with multiple sclerosis face. Specifically, patients with multiple sclerosis report chronic pain, balance issues, stress, fatigue and mood swings or depression coupled with their …

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Students Can Conquer School Anxiety With Hypnosis

Students Can Conquer School Anxiety With Hypnosis NYC

It is not uncommon for students to experience anxiety about going to school. There are a variety of reasons that may cause this anxiety or even a phobia when it comes to attending school. Children may have difficulty articulating what they are feeling and …

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How Extreme Weight Loss Hypnosis works

How Extreme Weight Loss Hypnosis works in NYC

Trying to lose weight and keep it off can be frustrating. It may feel like your weight loss goal is unattainable. There are all these societal pressures to maintain a certain weight. More importantly, there are so many potential health issues associated with being …

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Hypnosis To Overcome Postpartum Depression

Hypnosis To Overcome Postpartum Depression NYC

The birth of a baby is a joyful and exciting time for new parents. However, with any major life change, there is also stress and anxiety. Some women may experience an intense feeling of sadness that they don’t feel able to shake. It may …

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