How to Cope with Job Stress

by Eli Bliliuos on 11/12/2018

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Cope with Job Stress with HypnosisAccording to the CDC, approximately 30% of all employees are very stressed at work. Stress at work can lead to medical and mental health care issues. Stress can affect the immune system and lead to more days off. Companies are trying to help employees cope with job stress because they are concerned with productivity. There are different ways to deal with stress but one size does not fit all. [click to continue…]

How to be Assertive and Direct

by Eli Bliliuos on 11/01/2018

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How to be assertive with hypnosisEverybody wants to be more confident but how can we be more assertive without being aggressive. People are normally described as either laid back or aggressive. Those who are laid back often don’t share their thoughts and opinions. Others who are aggressive can seem combative and contentious. If you learn how to be assertive, you can share your ideas and get the buy in you desire. [click to continue…]

How to be Punctual with Hypnosis

by Eli Bliliuos on 10/23/2018

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Be Punctual with Hypnosis NYCBeing Chronically late is more common than you might think. Some people have the best on intentions but find themselves being late to business meetings and family gatherings. People tend to either arrive early to ensure they are on time, or arrive late consistently. There are many reasons why people are late so the solution needs to address all of them. The good news is that your mind can be programmed to be punctual with hypnosis. [click to continue…]

How to be more patient

by Eli Bliliuos on 10/16/2018

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Hypnosis to be more patient NYCIn a world of constant deadlines and to-do’s it can seem impossible to relax and be more patient. A lack of patience can lead to anger and outbursts with family members and co-workers. Whether you own a business or you are an employee, work stress can lead to impatience. Learning to relax and relieve stress is essential to our success, productivity, and most importantly to our health. Hypnosis is an extremely effective way to manage stress and become more patient.  [click to continue…]

How to manage dementia symptoms

by Eli Bliliuos on 10/09/2018

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Manage Dementia Symptoms with Hypnosis NYCWhile most people associate dementia with memory loss, the symptoms one can experience are much broader. It is true that people with dementia can experience loss of memory as well as have difficulty problem solving, communicating, and planning. The psychological changes can be even worse than the symptoms. People who suffer with dementia can also experience agitation, depression, anxiety, and paranoia. Alternative therapies, including hypnosis, can help manage dementia symptoms.  [click to continue…]

How to drink in Moderation with Hypnosis

by Eli Bliliuos on 10/02/2018

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Drink in Moderation with Hypnosis NYCOnly a small percentage of the population that drinks alcohol ever develops an addiction to it. In fact, many studies have shown that drinking in moderation is healthy. While everyone is different, 2 drinks per day for an adult male is considered healthy.  This is due in part to its positive mood-altering benefits. There are some people, however, who at times use alcohol as a crutch but are not alcoholics. They might use alcohol as a way to numb feelings of stress or anxiety. Hypnosis to drink in moderation can help people who want to stop using alcohol as a crutch. [click to continue…]

How to Prevent Road Rage with Hypnosis

by Eli Bliliuos on 09/24/2018

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Prevent Road Rage with Hypnosis NYCAs a society, we are always in a rush to attend meetings or get something accomplished. When we drive we often tend to think only of our own needs. In some cases, this can turn into road rage when other drivers do things that slow us down. On some level, we know we should not get triggered but it can be difficult for some to control their anger. Fortunately, there is a way to prevent road rage with hypnosis. [click to continue…]

How to Prevent Bedwetting with Hypnosis

by Eli Bliliuos on 09/20/2018

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Prevent Bedwetting with Hypnosis NYCYou can prevent bedwetting with hypnosis. Bedwetting is a an automatic response that happens when your conscious mind is not in control. Hypnosis helps you to connect to your unconscious mind and control functions that are connected with it can help you wake up in the morning with a dry bed. [click to continue…]

Conquer your Fear of Bridges with Hypnosis

by Eli Bliliuos on 09/11/2018

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Conquer your Fear of Bridges with HypnosisFear of bridges is called gephyrophobia. It can have several component parts such as being afraid of heights or being afraid of large bodies of water. Many times, such fears are rooted in events from your past. Hypnosis can help determine the event that caused the fear and help your unconscious mind make a shift in perception. You can overcome your fear of bridges with hypnosis. You might go white-knuckled and grip the steering wheel of your vehicle as if it were a life line all the way across the bridge. Or you might feel sick at the thought of driving across a bridge. Hypnosis can help. [click to continue…]

Overcome a fear of water with hypnosis NYCHaving respect for water is a healthy thing for humans. After all, we don’t have gills to extract oxygen from water. But an extreme fear of water can prevent you from learning to swim or from becoming a good swimmer even if you learn how to take a few strokes or swim on your back. Good swimmers can develop a fear of water later on in life. Unreasonable fear of water or aquaphobia can keep you from enjoyable activities such as boating, going on a cruise or even driving across a bridge. The good news is that you can overcome a fear of water with hypnosis. [click to continue…]