Conquer MRI scan anxiety with hypnosis

If you had an MRI scan in the past, you know it is important to try to relax and stay still in order to get an accurate reading. However, if you have MRI scan anxiety, that can be a pretty difficult task. Not moving for close to an hour while you are feeling stressed out and tense can seem unimaginable. Coupled with the added pressure that you may have to do the MRI again if your health practitioner is unable to get the data they need from the MRI images. Individuals have helped to conquer MRI scan anxiety with hypnosis.

How Hypnosis Works

Hypnosis is a state where you are aware, hyper attentive, while experiencing deep relaxation. The process allows your hypnosis practitioner to guide you and tap into your subconscious which is where your memories are stored. Access to these memories are extremely important in truly understanding and overcoming fears and anxiety. If a claustrophobic event from the past caused the MRI anxiety, it will surface during hypnotic trance. The fearful experience can then be seen from a new persepective. Once reframed, the fear of tight spaces, like an MRI can be overcome.

Conquer MRI Scan Anxiety with Hypnosis

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There are a number of techniques and strategies that are quite beneficial when looking to conquer MRI scan anxiety with hypnosis. Under hypnosis, many report feeling a sense of relaxation and calm throughout the process. The process itself allows you to let go of the symptoms associated with anxiety. Things like an elevated heart rate, sweaty hands, shaking and those knots in your stomach when you are nervous or anxious. 

Another important part of hypnosis is the element of time distortion. This is when you feel like the experience lasted minutes when it was in fact close to an hour. The act of performing self-hypnosis for time distortion is of tremendous value when going through an MRI scan. Imagine feeling as if you were in there for only minutes rather than about an hour. Picture being able to utilize Hypnotherapy for MRI scan anxiety and conquering your fear once and for all.

Hypnosis for MRI Claustrophobia

A very interesting study looked at the impact of hypnosis for MRI claustrophobia. The results showed a substantial reduction in claustrophobia for the self-hypnosis group in comparison to the control group. In addition, only 2% of the self-hypnosis group required some form of sedation while 16% of the control group did. This group was characterized as high risk for claustrophobia while in an MRI scan. Overall, the self-hypnosis group had significantly more success with overcoming MRI claustrophobia.

Scientific Data Support Hypnosis for Anxiety

Looking at 15 studies utilizing hypnosis to overcome anxiety, hypnosis helped to decrease anxiety by 79% and overall 84% of those in the hypnosis group had a more positive outcome than the control groups. These results are very strong in supporting the success of hypnosis in improving anxiety across a variety of studies.

Hypnosis for anxiety has considerable data to support the benefits. Furthermore, the specific results for hypnotherapy for MRI claustrophobia and hypnotherapy for MRI scan anxiety are favorable as well. Hypnotic suggestions, guided imagery and time distortion are just a few of the techniques that lend itself to strong results in overcoming anxiety. Anxiety can hinder individuals in so many ways. For instance, there are medical reasons an MRI is necessary. Addressing that fear becomes essential to your own wellbeing. Hypnosis is becoming a more common path for dealing with stress, anxiety and phobias because of the very nature of the process. It allows for relaxation, it taps into the self-conscious and gets to the heart of the issue. During hypnosis, it is common for the individual to be taught self-hypnosis. This is an enormous help in enabling the individual power and control over their own destiny in overcoming life challenges.