Students Can Conquer School Anxiety With Hypnosis

It is not uncommon for students to experience anxiety about going to school. There are a variety of reasons that may cause this anxiety or even a phobia when it comes to attending school. Children may have difficulty articulating what they are feeling and why. Furthermore, this fear can manifest itself in physical symptoms that could give the impression that the child is unwell. Given the necessity of education and that social interaction, it is critical to address school avoidance. There is compelling data that shows the benefits of hypnosis for anxiety. An option to seriously consider is how to conquer school anxiety with hypnosis.

Symptoms of School Anxiety

For some, the unconscious need for school avoidance may result in stomach aches, bed wetting, hyperventilating, headaches, sweating and difficulty sleeping. With children, they are not generally able to understand that there concerns about school are creating these physical symptoms. All they know is that they don’t feel well. It’s important to look for the signs because the anxiety can continue to grow through adulthood if not addressed properly. Some of the reasons behind school avoidance include difficulty with other students in the form of teasing, not fitting in or possible bullying. Other reasons may be a perception that the teacher may not like the student or perhaps nervousness over academic performance. Children may constantly ask to stay home or outright refuse to go to school. Hypnosis for school refusal could very well make the difference in your child’s life.

Conquer School Anxiety With Hypnosis

There was an interesting case study about a student that was able to conquer school anxiety with hypnosis and biofeedback. This individual struggled with an intense anxiety that made it very difficult for him to attend school. He was very anxious when separated from his parents and doing things on his own. He cried often and was unable to sleep because of this fear of being separated from his parents at night. Furthermore, he felt very embarrassed by this behavior. When the clinician suggested hypnosis, he was open to the process. He wanted to find a way to control his behavior. Hypnotherapy for a school phobia was introduced to this boy. The technique incorporated breathing exercises and imagery in which he could learn to control his body bringing it to a more relaxed state while imaging his favorite place.

Hypnosis resulted in a tremendous boost in the student’s self-confidence when he realized he could successfully address the anxiety and change his behavior. It was a life changing experience for this student.

Children and Hypnosis

Children are great candidates for hypnosis. They are more easily guided into a trance state. Because children are highly imaginative, they are very susceptible to the guided imagery techniques utilized during hypnosis. Furthermore, children are very open to new experiences and go into them without any preconceived notions regarding what to expect. The specific techniques used to address anxiety for example, pattern interrupt is highly effective with children. It stops the continuous loop that goes in your head with worst case scenario thoughts. For instance a child may say to him or herself over and over again “the kids are going to pick on me, the kids are going to pick on me” or “I am going to fail at school, I am going to fail at school”. Hypnosis calms the mind and body while shifting one’s perspective.

Hypnotherapy For A School Phobia

Hypnotherapy for a school phobia is an option to seriously consider. Students need help in becoming aware of where their anxiety stems from and then providing the tools to overcome it. It’s very difficult for them to make the connection on their own and it will continue to manifest itself in a variety of ways if left untreated. Hypnosis for school refusal can be very powerful especially because parents want to do the very best for their children in encouraging a thirst for learning and the important social interaction that students experience in school. Hypnosis is highly effective for children.