Stop Blushing

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Do you blush for no apparent reason?

Do you notice facial heat prior to, or while blushing?

Does it feel like you blush at the most inappropriate times?

Do social situations cause you anxiety?

Do authority figures or members of the opposite sex trigger you?

While blushing due to stress or embarrassment is normal, a recent study showed that about 6% of the world’s population suffers from chronic blushing. Blushing is triggered by the fight or flight response. This response causes the heart to race and blood pressure to elevate which in turn causes the face to sweat. Essentially the sympathetic nervous system overreacts which causes perspiration and the blood vessels in the face to widen.

Uncontrollable blushing is a phobia of sorts. The anxiety triggered by the fear of blushing causes the sympathetic nervous system to overreact. Once the anxiety is addressed the blushing becomes manageable and can even be eliminated. Hypnosis is an excellent tool for addressing anxiety and inappropriate blushing.



Remaining Calm and Relaxed in Social Situations

Complete Freedom from Untimely Blushing

Enjoying a Life Free of Anxiety


In hypnosis the inner mind, also known as the subconscious mind, is programmed to remain calm and relaxed. Any negative memories related to inappropriate blushing can be reframed. Clients no longer anticipate blushing and therefore are free of the anxiety that triggers it. The stop blushing hypnosis download can help you remain free of anxiety and unwanted blushing.

By following the instructions given, while listening to the stop blushing hypnosis MP3, you will be guided into a relaxed state of suggestibility. The directions given to your subconscious mind can help free you once and for all. If you are tired of experiencing inappropriate and unwanted blushing order the stop blushing hypnosis download today!

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stop blushing hypnosis download MP3
Stop Blushing
$49.95 $39.95