Overcome Lip & Mouth Biting

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Imagine being able to enjoy beautiful lips. When you bite your lips and mouth, it can damage them. You know that you should not do it, but you cannot help it. You have created a habit of biting your lips. Breaking this habit seems impossible.

If you bite your lips and mouth, you may wonder:

What causes this to happen?

Will this hurt my health?

Why can’t I just relax and stop biting my lips?

People react to stress in different ways. Some people bite their lips when they feel stress. You may bite your lips from boredom or anxiety. Before long, you develop a negative habit. You know that you need to change the habit, but you do not know how.

Imagine . . .

Having new ways to cope with stress.

No longer biting your lips.

Having a beautiful, healthy smile.

Nervous habits are made in the mind. Your subconscious learns to bite your lips to release stress. When you feel worried or anxious, your mind turns to this habit. To release the habit, you have to change your subconscious. If you can change the patterns in your mind, you can break free from the habit.

Hypnosis works with the subconscious mind. It brings you to a relaxed state where you can change habits and thought patterns. Instead of biting your lips to calm down, you enjoy new hobbies. You feel relaxed and at ease instead of always stressed out. Once you rewire the mind, you can change how your mind handles stress.

While working with this download, you can overcome your lip and/or mouth biting completely! Take the important step and free your self today.

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Overcome Lip & Mouth Biting
Original price was: $49.95.Current price is: $39.95.