Accept Yourself




Walking proudly down a busy street, head up high and a bounce in your step.

A lack of self-acceptance can affect your relationships and career, holding you back from being your true self. If you struggle with self-acceptance, confidence you might be asking yourself…

How can I stop pretending to be something I’m not?

How can I learn to accept who I am?

Is there a way to improve myself without getting down on myself all the time?

When you don’t truly accept who you are, you can feel like a fake. Denying your true self only leads to internal conflict and confusion. You can end up with guilt and shame, experiencing disappointment with yourself for not being honest. It can lead you to feel inauthentic and not deserving of love. A lack of self-acceptance means you may deny your weaknesses, making you less likely to improve.



Becoming a better person because you can be honest about who you are.

Developing clarity about your future and what you want from life.

Being Self Assured and loving the person you’ve become.


Hypnosis can change your thinking, making you open to accepting the part about yourself that you may tend to hide. By listening to the Accept Yourself hypnosis MP3 which uses hypnotic suggestion and guided imagery, you can train your mind to accept your weaknesses and find ways to refine how you view your talents and  abilities. Hypnosis can allow you to accept the unique person you are.

Our NYC Hypnosis Center Accept Yourself download will help create a better you. Self-acceptance isn’t about staying stagnant, but it’s about acknowledging your flaws so that you can overcome them. In order to fix your flaws, you must accept them, first. If you’re feeling inauthentic, give our download a try. You will accept that “Life is a Journey and it is lived in each step that you take, and every misstep is another opportunity to succeed”. You’ll find yourself loving the person you really are and understanding that missteps are just an opportunity for learning and growth.

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