Be More Patient

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Are you irritable and anxious more often than you would like?

Do long lines and traffic trigger you?

Do you make rash or snap decisions that you later regret?

Do “slow” people anger you?

In our fast world, we all feel the need to get things done quickly. In some, this can lead to impatience and anger that is not only unhealthy but can impact our personal relationships. Having a normal sense of urgency is fine, but when it effects the way we feel and respond it can turn into an unhealthy response.


Accepting challenges and setbacks free of anger

Releasing expectations and the need to be in control

Being mindful and in the moment

Being patient when things don’t go as planned

The Be More Patient hypnosis download will train your unconscious mind to remain present and calm regardless of what life throws at you. It will help you to automatically see things from a different perspective, one that is accepting of what is, rather than what you might expect. The Be Patient hypnosis mp3 can help you to experience a calmer, happier, more patient existence.

Free your self from unhealthy impatience today with the Be More Patient hypnosis download!

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Be Patient Hypnosis Download MP3 NYC
Be More Patient
Original price was: $49.95.Current price is: $39.95.