Stop Compulsive Hair-Pulling

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Are you tired of the embarrassing bald spots or patches of missing hair?

Do you have any irresistible urge to pull your hair?

Do you experience tension before pulling your hair?

Do you chew on, or bite the hair, you pulled out?

Do you experience a release after pulling out your hair?

Do you rub your hair on your mouth and lips?

If you suffer from the hair-pulling disorder known as trichotillomania you know how difficult it can be to stop. Some people do it automatically without realizing it, while others pull out their hair intentionally to experience relief. For many it is a way of dealing with stress or anxiety, but for others it is the positive feeling they experience afterwards that fuels their habit. Regardless if you pull out hair from your scalp, your eyebrows, or any other part of the body, stopping can seem impossible.


Imagine …

Being completely free of the urge to pull out your hair

Managing stress, tension, and anxiety in a healthy way

Having a full and healthy head of hair

Feeling calm relaxed and at peace


Automatic habits and urges stem from the unconscious mind. Hypnosis is so effective in treating trichotillomania because it taps into, and programs the unconscious mind. While listening to the Stop Compulsive Hair-Pulling hypnosis download, any triggers, including people and situations, for hair-pulling can be released. Your subconscious mind can be taught to increase your awareness and prevent you from pulling out your hair.

The Stop Compulsive Hair-Pulling hypnosis MP3 will calmly and gently guide you into a relaxed hypnotic trance. Hypnotic suggestions, which can be thought of as directions, will train your subconscious mind to release stress and anxiety and rid you of this hairpulling habit. Pulling your hair out will no longer trigger a positive release, rather it will make you feel uncomfortable. This new response helps you to remain free of this habit forever.

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Stop Compulsive Hair-Pulling
$49.95 $39.95