Freedom from Guilt and Shame



Do you feel overwhelmed by guilt and shame?

Are you embarrassed about something you have done?

Do you feel judged by others?

Do you obsess over past mistakes?

Feelings of guilt, shame, and regret serve a purpose. These emotions help us to learn from our mistakes. Ideally, we can identify the things we’ve done wrong, and change our behavior. However, unnecessary guilt and shame can lead to a lack of self-esteem, sleep issues, depression, and even health issues. Fixating on perceived past mistakes can also trigger resentment, sadness, and anger.



Moving forward with your life free of shame and guilt

Learning from past mistakes and forgiving yourself

Making amends with those you have wronged

Letting go of the past

Replacing guilty thoughts with self-compassion


The Freedom from Guilt and Shame hypnosis download can help you eliminate negative feelings related to past mistakes. Spiraling limiting thoughts are replaced by supportive, loving, and rational thoughts. You adhere to the idea that mistakes are an opportunity to learn and to grow. The Freedom from Guilt and Shame hypnosis mp3 can program your unconscious mind to live in the present, free of past regrets.

If you’re tired of fixating on past mistakes, The Freedom from Guilt and Shame hypnosis recording can help. As your perception of the past changes, you can feel calmer and at peace. You take the steps necessary to make amends and then move forward your life with a clear conscience. You find that you will automatically treat yourself with love, kindness, support, and fairness.

No one should have to live with ruminating thoughts and unnecessary limiting beliefs. Order The Freedom from Guilt and Shame hypnosis download today and free yourself from the past!

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Freedom from Guilt and Shame Hypnosis mp3
Freedom from Guilt and Shame