Let Go of the Past



Do you find yourself often thinking about negative events from your past?

Do these negative memories cause you to feel sad or angry?

Do you recognize limiting patterns in your life that may be related to a past experience?


An unhealthy romantic relationship can lead to fear of commitment. A financial crisis from the past can turn into a fear of never having enough money. A critical teacher can cause low self-esteem.  An argument with a close family member can lead to a pattern of always feeling unloved. Regardless of what the memory is, playing it over and over in your mind only reinforces the limiting beliefs and feelings.

Hypnosis helps you to leave negative experiences in the past where they belong. The Let Go of the Past hypnosis mp3 can help you to see things from a new perspective and let go of those events. This helps you to stop experiencing limiting emotions because you stop thinking about your past.

Just as importantly, the Let Go of the Past hypnosis download can help break negative patterns that repeat themselves. Once you are no longer preoccupied with those experiences, you are far more likely to experience a shift. This shift can help you feel better about yourself and break the patterns that have held you back.


Listening to the Let Go of the Past Hypnosis MP3 repeatedly can help you experience or start to notice:

That You are Detached when Thinking About Past Events

Feeling Enthusiastic about Life

Being Present in the Moment and Looking Forward to a Limitless Future

Feeling Calm, Secure, and Relaxed

A Boost in Self-Esteem

If you are tired of feeling bad and constantly thinking about the past, the Let Go of the Past hypnosis download can help. You deserve to be happy and free of obsessive thoughts.

Order the Let Go of the Past Hypnosis download today and leave the past in the past!


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