Love Your Body

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Looking into the mirror and being happily satisfied with what you see.

Body dysmorphia can make you believe that your appearance is never good enough. If you have body dysmorphia, you’ve probably asked yourself…

How can I learn to love and accept my body the way it is?

Is there a way to stop my obsession about its weight?

How can I focus my attention on something other than the way I look?

Body dysmorphia tears down a person’s self-confidence, making them feel disfigured for small imperfections. With body dysmorphia, a person can become obsessed with parts of their body, convinced that other people see those parts as hideous. People with body dysmorphia often feel ugly, even if others see them as normal. Body dysmorphia can lead people down a path of anxiety, depression, isolation and repeated surgeries to “fix” what was never broken to begin with.



Smiling at your reflection in a store window, proud of the way you look.

Working out at the gym, focused on your health and not your appearance.

Basking in the sun in a bathing suit at the beach with no cares in the world, loving the way you look.


The subconscious plays a significant part in body dysmorphia, and hypnosis can easily access that part of the mind. Very often, body dysmorphia starts with anxious feelings. Through hypnosis, your mind can manage anxiety without focusing on your appearance. Hypnosis can program your mind to use healthy coping tools and use positive affirmations instead. With hypnosis for body dysmorphia, your thought process can be restructured, leading you away from negative thinking. You can learn to view yourself in a positive light and begin to love your body.

Our Love Your Body Hypnosis download can stop your body dysmorphia from spiraling out of control. Our download will provide you with relaxing thoughts, programming your mind to love your body and accept yourself as you are. Convenient and quick, you can use our download in the comfort of your own home. Try our Love Your Body Hypnosis download today and finally give your body the love it deserves!

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Love Your Body
$49.95 $39.95