Find Lost Items

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Have you Lost Something of Value? Have you Been Unable to Retrace Your Steps? Is the Item Irreplaceable? 


Finding that precious, long lost trinket you’ve been trying to locate.

Losing something meaningful and life changing can feel like a hole in your life. If you’ve ever lost something significantly important you’ve probably asked yourself…


Why can’t I remember where I left something so vital?

Is there a way to access the memory of where I saw it last?

Are there other places that I could have missed to look?


It has happened to everyone. Losing something of sentimental or financial value can be frustrating. It can be a valuable piece of jewelry, a keepsake, or something as simple as a mobile phone. While you may not remember where you put the important item consciously, it’s likely stored in your subconscious mind. When that special object is valuable in a sentimental or monetary way, the loss affects you more than usual. Trying to find a lost item can make you feel frustrated and angry. You may fear that you’ll never see the item again. You mourn for its loss and lose hope of ever recovering what’s gone. These negative emotions can get in the way of locating what you need. Stress from the loss can cause mental blocks, keeping you from recalling where you last saw your item. .



Feeling immense joy upon discovering your lost item.

Knowing that your beloved item is safe in your hands again.

Finding that priceless item and feeling whole again.


Hypnosis can help you manage your anxiety and frustration about your lost items, helping you to remember. By reducing heightened emotions, your mind can recall information much more easily, letting you discover the location that you may have not thought of. Through hypnosis, you can keep your feelings from interfering with your memory and finally find your lost items.

After being guided into hypnosis, your unconscious mind can access the memory of the last time you saw, or had, the missing item. Hypnosis can help you go back in time and retrace your steps. With access to these memories, you can find your all-important document, memento, collectible, and/or item of value.

Our Find Lost Items with hypnosis MP3 download offers a convenient and effective way to help you locate your lost items. Through a downloadable recorded audio, you’ll be able to remember much more clearly allowing you to identify the location where your lost items have been all this time. Try out Find Lost Items with hypnosis download today and find the precious items you’ve been missing all this time.


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Find Lost Items
Original price was: $49.95.Current price is: $39.95.