Let Go of Needing to Be Perfect

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Do you feel Overwhelmed and Tired?

Do you check and recheck your work?

Do you Feel Underappreciated?

Do you avoid high risk opportunities for fear of failure?

Do you have difficulty managing your time?

Being a perfectionist can be stressful and even lead to burnout. The unreasonably high standards set by perfectionists can cause a myriad of work related, interpersonal, and health issues. While to the outside world it might seem as though being a perfectionist is a good thing, those who experience it know different. Trying to be perfect all the time often leads to negative self-talk. Fortunately, the Let Go of Needing to be Perfect hypnosis download can help.

Addressing perfectionism does not mean you will be any less motivated. In fact, there are many people who are extremely motivated but don’t put pressure on themselves the way perfectionists do. Expecting anything in your life to be perfect is unrealistic and unhealthy. Whether it’s a romantic relationship or a working relationship the strains of needing to be perfect can cause unnecessary stress. At its worst, the need to be perfect can even lead to depression.



Feeling Confident and at Peace

Knowing and Believing That You are Good enough

Enjoying the Journey of Learning and Reaching Your Goals

Being Gentle and Kind With Yourself

Letting Go of the Past

Feeling Valued and Heard


The Let Go of Needing to be Perfect hypnosis MP3 can program your mind to accept yourself and set realistic standards. It can boost your confidence, as well as self-esteem, which can lead to a more relaxed existence. By releasing unrealistic expectations of yourself and others, you can also eliminate negative self-talk. By putting less pressure on yourself you will likely notice an improvement in your personal and professional relationships.

Give yourself a break today by overcoming your need to be perfect. Letting go of perfectionism can help you lead a happier, more rewarding, and calmer life. If you are tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed, order the Let Go of Needing to be Perfect hypnosis download today!

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Let Go of Needing to Be Perfect Hypnosis download
Let Go of Needing to Be Perfect
Original price was: $49.95.Current price is: $39.95.