Overcome a Fear of Dogs



Do you avoid friends who have dogs?

Does the sound of a dog barking make you anxious?

Do you purposely avoid parks where dogs run without a leash?

A fear of dogs, also known as cynophobia, impacts up to 9% of the US population. If you are cynophobic you probably avoid dogs whenever possible. Since dogs are everywhere and get taken on walks multiple times each day, it is difficult to avoid them completely. For some people just the thought of a dog can evoke fear. Regardless of how severe your fear of dogs is, it can dramatically impact your life.



Perceiving dogs as playful rather than dangerous

Feeling calm and secure in parks and places where dogs play

Enjoying the sound of a dog barking

Looking forward to playing with dogs


In many cases, a dog bite or an aggressive dog experience causes cynophobia. The inner mind reminds you that it is not safe to be around dogs by triggering your fight or flight response because of this experience. It is only trying to protect you. However, what it has really done, is below this experience out of proportion. In hypnotic trance, the aggressive dog experience is reframed add let go.

The Overcome a Fear of Dogs Hypnosis Download can help release any negative experiences from the past related to dogs. Instead of blowing it out of proportion, it sees it as a one-time experience, and does not lump all dogs into one bucket. The Overcome a Fear of Dogs Hypnosis MP3 can also train your unconscious mind to enjoy dogs and look forward to seeing them. No one should have to live their life in fear. You deserve to have a calm and peaceful life. Stop living life as a cynophobic by ordering the Overcome a Fear of Dogs Hypnosis Download today!

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