Overcome Sensitivity to Noises



Do noises keep you up at night?

Do certain sounds and frequencies trigger you?

Does your sensitivity to sound affect your personal or work life?

Imangine a life free of sensitivity to sound or misophonia. Whether it is a noisy refridgerator, planes that fly nearby, an aircoditioner, or even a cricket, coping with a hypersensitivity to sound can be difficult. In some cases sound can trigger emotional responses including rage. Others find it difficult to concentrate on the simplest tasks because their mind fixates on repetitive noises. Whatever the sound or frequency hypnosis can help!


Being able to fall asleep and stay regardless of any of the sounds in your room 

Having a peaceful and calm state of mind 

Being able to focus and concentrate regardless of the enviroment

This life altering hypnosis download can help you overcome your hypersensitive hearing. Hypnosis is effective because it targets the subconscious mind which controls your automatic responses to outside stimulus. By giving suggestions directly to your unconscious mind you can be free of sensitivity to sound and outside distractions.

While in hypnosis you can learn to remain calm and at peace regardless of the sounds around you. You can learn to tune out the frequencies and sounds that in the past would have distracted you. Free yourself now of this emotional and frustrating challenge.

Don’t Suffer Anymore..Order the Tune Out & Overcome Noise Sensitivity Download Today!

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Overcome Sensitivity to Noises