Conquer Your Fear of Abandonment



Do you keep tabs on your romantic partners?

Are you physically and emotionally clingy?

Do you become invested quickly in new relationships?

Do you pop in unannounced?

Do you feel as though you drive friends and romantic partners away?

Do attractive peers or friends make you feel insecure?

Do you crave constant reassurance?

Very often a fear of abandonment is caused by an unhealthy relationship or a divorce. Maybe a romantic partner did not want a long-term relationship or perhaps a father was not emotionally ready to be a husband. Regardless of the reason, we start to feel insecure and wonder if we are to blame. This can lead to a desperate desire to make relationships work, while also seeking to control them. Ironically, it is our own insecurity and controlling nature that can drive people away.



Trusting that who, and what you are, is good enough

Attracting healthy relationships

Feeling comfortable giving your partner space

Sharing your true feelings and opinions

Recognizing what you bring to any relationship

Feeling secure and confident

Setting healthy boundaries


The Conquer Your Fear of Abandonment hypnosis download can train your unconscious mind to feel secure and calm. As it boosts your self-esteem, you can speak your mind and share your needs, without smothering your partner. This in turn helps you to accept only healthy partners and friends into your life.

The Conquer Your Fear of Abandonment hypnosis mp3 also helps you to let go of the past. You now see unhealthy relationships from the past as learning experiences that have taught you to identify red flags and deal breakers. You are also free from blaming yourself for other people’s decisions.

The Conquer Your Fear of Abandonment hypnosis download can free you of any insecurities and desperate feelings. It programs your subconscious mind to be confident, relaxed, and secure, in what you bring to the table. If you or someone you know, suffers from feelings of insecurity or a fear of rejection, hypnotherapy can help. Order the Conquer Your Fear of Abandonment hypnosis MP3 today and attract healthy friends and romantic partners into your life!

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