Conquer a Fear of Heights

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Does your fear prevent you from living life to the fullest?

Does climbing a ladder make you anxious?

Do you avoid windows in high-rise buildings?

Does your heart race when you walk up a flight of stairs?

Do you avoid balconies?

Does your fear limit your work and vacation options?

A fear of heights, also known as Acrophobia, impacts almost 5% of the population. It is normal to be careful and avoid falling when you are high up. It is fine to have a healthy respect for heights but when it limits your ability to take a job or travel, it needs to be addressed. Those with Acrophobia can experience Vertigo, anxiety, dizziness, and blurred vision. This causes people to anticipate where they might encounter heights in their daily lives.



Feeling secure and confident regardless of how high up you are

Enjoying the view from a balcony in a high-rise building

Being free from fearful thoughts

Having the freedom to travel wherever you want

Climbing stairs and ladders with ease


The fear of heights is triggered by fearful thoughts of what might go wrong. These thoughts are generated by the unconscious mind. While unhelpful, the inner mind is simply trying to protect you. In some cases, a limiting experience surrounding heights is the root cause. The traumatic experience, or scene that you witnessed, is what the unconscious mind is trying to help you avoid in the future. The thoughts trigger physical responses and anxiety. In hypnotic trance, the inner mind can be trained to eliminate or change those fearful thoughts.

The Conquer a Fear of Heights Hypnosis Download can help you feel secure and relaxed when up high. Any fearful thoughts and traumatic experiences can be reframed and eliminated. This leaves you with a rational and confident approach to heights. The Conquer a Fear of Heights Hypnosis MP3 can help you to live life fully again. Don’t let your fear of heights prevent you from living the life you want to lead. Order the Conquer a Fear of Heights Hypnosis Download today and live life on your terms!

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Conquer a Fear of Heights Hypnosis Download MP3
Conquer a Fear of Heights
Original price was: $49.95.Current price is: $39.95.