Fear of Thunderstorms



Does the sound of Thunder make your heart race?

Do you monitor the weather throughout the day?

Does the flash of lightning trigger anxiety?

Does your fear of thunderstorms limit your activities?


The sounds and sights associated with thunderstorms often remind us subconsciously, of similar experiences that were scary. The loud boom of thunder may unconsciously remind us of a loud noise that scared us and took us by surprise when we were young. A fear of thunderstorms is an automatic flight or fight response triggered by the inner mind. Fortunately, the subconscious mind can be taught, using hypnosis, to let go of the past and respond appropriately.



Feeling soothed by the sounds of a thunderstorm

Making outdoor plans regardless of the weather

Finding it easier to fall asleep during a thunderstorm

Enjoying the natural beauty of a passing thunderstorm


The Overcome the Fear of Thunderstorms hypnosis MP3 can program your unconscious mind to feel calm, relaxed, and at peace during thunderstorms. This powerful hypnosis download can help shift your perspective and actually forget to think about Thunder storms altogether. While listening to the Overcome the Fear of Thunderstorms hypnosis download your inner mind can be trained to release fear and anxiety related to Thunder and lightning.

Don’t let your fear limit your ability to lead a normal life. Order the Overcome the Fear of Thunderstorms hypnosis MP3 today and free yourself from this fear!

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