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Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

You are standing in the grocery store trying to choose the perfect loaf of bread to go with the dinner you have planned for the evening. You think it strange that the smell of freshly baked bread brings about a certain feeling inside of you. The same picture comes to mind: an elderly woman in a red sweater pulling loaves of freshly baked bread out of the oven. She has a huge, inviting smile on her face, and once she places the loaves on the cooling rack you see a child rush over and leap into her arms. The woman and the child seem familiar but you cannot place them. There is warmth and a feeling of love...a sense of security that comes over you when these events take place.

Past life regression allows you to become acquainted with souls you may have known in a previous life. The scenario above happens quite often in people's lives...it also may be referred to as deja vu. Using our past life regression download, you will be able to rediscover the lives and people you may have known in another life. For instance, the woman in the red sweater in the example above may have been your grandmother and you, the little girl in a previous life. That would explain why the smell of freshly baked bread evokes such feelings for you.

When you listen to our past life regression download you will gently be guided into a hypnotic state where you may be able to experience past live memories. Some people use past life regression out of curiosity while others find that it helps them realize why they have certain fears or phobias that are otherwise unexplained. What may seem like an irrational fear of horses by someone who has never even seen a horse in real life may be explained through a past life experience. Past life memories can be profound and enlightning. 

Please note: Regression experiences can be visual (although not everyone experiences visuals), auditory, kinesthetic, and thought based. Even though many people have profound experiences, regressions experiences vary and cannot be guaranteed

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