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Overcome Your Fear of Needles

Overcome Your Fear of Needles

You just can't take it anymore. You've been feeling under the weather for weeks now and you finally broke down and went to the doctor. The verdict...he needs to draw some blood for testing. You immediately start freaking out...making excuses about how you suddenly feel so much better now...anything you can do to keep that needle as far away from your arm as humanly possible. The doctor insists and says the blood draw is absolutely necessary; without it you will only become more ill. Facing the realization that you are not getting out of this one, you start to picture the nurse from your pediatrician's office when you were a kid...the one that snuck up behind you and gave you a shot when your immunizations were due. Somehow you have never gotten over that betrayal of trust, and now you trust this doctor even less. As the phlebotomist wipes your arm with the alcohol wipe, you pass out cold.

Our download for helping you overcome your fear of needles can allow your subconscious mind how to perceive needles in a more positive light. The hypnotist facilitating the session on the download will show you how to remove the negative thoughts you once had concerning needles and replace them with more positive thoughts. 

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