Fear of Vomiting

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Do you know where the closest bathroom is at all times?

Do you avoid restaurants and new foods?

Do you check the expiration dates of food often?

Do you avoid close contact with others?

Do you smell everything before you eat it?

Do you regularly take antacids?

Do you get sick at the sight or sound of someone else throwing up?

The irony is that anxiety can cause you to feel nauseous but not to throw up. Feeling nauseous only makes you feel more anxious. This causes a loop of anxiety that continues to build. As it builds you find more and more reasons to worry about getting sick. This simply means that your condition will get worse over time.

Living with the fear of vomiting, also known as a Emetophobia, can be very restricting. You may avoid shaking hands or check your temperature often. Your fear of getting sick may restrict your travel. In extreme cases, simple sounds like a toilet flushing or someone coughing can trigger anxiety.



Eating whatever you like whenever you like

Feeling calm and at peace

Traveling wherever you want to


The fear of vomiting hypnosis download can help release your anxiety so that you can live a normal life again. Hypnosis helps to change the way you feel about food and becoming sick. Your subconscious mind is trained to see food in a rational way. Any negative beliefs about past experiences can be released.

By listening to the fear of vomiting hypnosis MP3 your unconscious mind will be taught to remain calm, relaxed, and at peace. Catastrophic thoughts will be replaced with rational positive thoughts. Your mind will be programmed to enjoy food free of fear. If you’re tired of the anxiety and restrictions you experience due to emetophobia, order the overcome the fear of vomiting hypnosis download today!

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fear of vomiting hypnosis download MP3
Fear of Vomiting
Original price was: $49.95.Current price is: $39.95.