Scientifically Proven Ways Hypnosis helps Business Owners succeed during COVID

Would you believe it if someone told you there are numerous ways hypnosis helps business owners? If you’re skeptical, you’re not alone. Hypnosis sounds like a silly party trick. Although it’s definitely not like a trick, it’s probably like nothing you’ve imagined. 

There’s no swaying pendulum. But the results are authentic and grounded inscience. What happens afterward will most likely be better than you’ve imagined. 

Five Ways Hypnosis Helps Business Owners 

Hypnosis’s strength lies in its impact on the brain. Business owners understand the power of hard work and focus, but where do those two traits stem from? From the brain. Hypnosis strengthens the brain’s ability to overcome barriers, especially in times of business difficulties or emergencies like a pandemic. The following are five ways hypnosis can help business owners survive the changes.  

Hypnosis Removes Negative Thoughts 

Hypnosis can help curb those negative thoughts that keep you off your game. People often have thinking patterns that form early in life. These patterns are shaped through childhood and early adulthood experiences. If the experiences were harmful or distressing, negative thought patterns could develop. These negative thought patterns prevent people from excelling at what they do. Negative thinking prevents people from making leadership decisions and doing difficult tasks. 

Many leading athletes and Olympians, including Tiger Woods and  Michael Jordan have utilized hypnosis to gain the edge over their competition. Hypnosis helps to remove negative thoughts that keep people from achieving their best. 

Hypnosis Helps Eliminate Distractions 

When running a business, it’s a challenge trying to hone in on the vital issues. When the going gets tough, the body’s stress response kicks in. Unfortunately, the stress hormones only make the situation worse in the long run. Although stress in small amounts can be a good thing, a lot of uncontrolled pressure results in a loss of focus. Rather than responding to problems with solutions, when overly stressed, the mind can’t get past the problem. 

Hypnosis reduces stress and trains the mind to focus on what really matters for your business. Whether it is profits, efficiency, or advertising — hypnosis helps you target what’s necessary, leaving distractions behind. 

Hypnosis Relaxes Your Body and Mind 

Sleep is not a luxury. It is a necessity. Unfortunately, the long hours and constant stress of running a business can make sleep a thing of the past. Being a business owner means a lot is riding on your decisions daily. This makes the body too keyed up each day to sleep well at night.

A study performed in Switzerland found that study participants who used hypnosis spent 80 percent more time in a deep sleep. Essential for immunity and general health, memory, and energy, deep sleep is vital to helping people like business owners stay healthy and sharp.  

Hypnosis Helps You Confront Fears 

Everyone has fears. It’s how a person manages fears that make the difference. If you’re a business owner, those fears can take on a life of their own. The possible loss of the money invested in starting up may keep you awake at night. You may fear the shame and ridicule of others if you don’t succeed. 

Hypnosis can help your mind move past that fear. If you want to move ahead as a business owner, decisions need to be made based on facts and sound advice, rather than from fear. Hypnosis trains the mind to keep unhealthy amounts of fear at bay. The amount left behind is just enough of a healthy dose to push you forward. 

Hypnosis Improves Your Mental Health

The World Economic Forum recognizes that business owners have higher rates of mental illness than the general public. A recent study cited by the World Economic Forum found that 49 percent of business owners were experiencing some form of mental illness, like depression or anxiety. 

Especially in times of crisis, like in the COVID-19 pandemic or 9-11 attacks, businesses must quickly change and adjust to keep afloat. Combine that stress with the anxiety of an emergency, and it’s enough to rattle most people. 

Hypnosis is an excellent option to keep your mind healthy during tough times. The Stanford University School of Medicine published a study outlining how the brain is affected by hypnosis, providing evidence that hypnosis can be effective at maintaining optimum brain health.

Hypnosis Helps 

Are there other ways hypnosis helps business owners? Yes! By catering to the needs of each individual, hypnosis provides a unique option for success. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach,  hypnosis can evaluate each person’s needs.  Hypnosis is a scientifically proven method that business owners can use to maintain success and respond to changing needs.

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