The Reasons to Try Hypnosis

There are many reasons to try hypnosis, but the best reason is because it can help people experience the change they desire quickly. Many people try cognitive behavioral therapy and talk therapy with varying degrees of success. C.B.T. can require months, if not years, to work. While therapy serves a purpose, it is not always the best solution. 


Phobias like a fear of flying or a fear of driving can dramatically limit what a client can do or experience. Most forms of traditional therapy rely on exposure to the feared activity, slowly over time. Many find this to be a difficult, if not cruel way, to address a phobia. Hypnosis on the other hand, can help identify what triggered the phobia in the first place and change the way the unconscious mind perceives that event. In so doing, clients can experience relief in as little as four to six sessions.

Pain Relief

People who suffer from chronic pain are often prescribed strong pain relievers that can be very addictive. In addition, pain medications can have side effects. Scientific studies show that hypnotherapy is effective in managing pain. In hypnosis, the subconscious mind can be trained to disassociate from the pain. This helps clients manage, and in some cases, eliminate the discomfort. The body knows how to do this naturally. As an example, people often don’t notice back pain while they are working, but it becomes obvious later when they lay down to rest. 

Weight Reduction

Most of us have struggled to lose weight at one time or another. Dieting often works in the short term, but once we go back to eating normally, many people find that they gain even more weight than they lost. The unconscious mind controls our urges and cravings. In hypnotic trance the inner mind can be programmed to make healthy food choices. By eliminating unhealthy urges like reaching for sweets late at night, weight reduction becomes easy.

Bad Habits

Hypnotherapy can help eliminate bad habits that many people struggle with. Whether it’s smoking cigarettes or biting your nails, a certified hypnotist can help. Nicotine patches work for some, but even when they do, it requires months to help kick the habit. A hypnotherapist can help patients stop smoking in as little as one to three sessions.

Reasons to Try Hypnosis

Aside from how quickly hypnosis can be effective, it is also a natural and relaxing way to address many of life’s challenges. There are no side effects, and most clients feel rested after a session. Hypnosis is also an excellent way to relieve stress. In fact, it is highly effective in treating irritable bowel syndrome, a condition that is often stress related. Additionally, hypnosis can be done in person or virtually on a Zoom or Skype call.


So why don’t more people try hypnosis? Very often people are hesitant to give hypnotherapy a shot because they are afraid of losing control. They base this on how hypnosis is portrayed in films and on television. Or perhaps they may have seen a stage hypnosis show where volunteers we’re hypnotized to bark like a dog. This often leads people to believe that they will relinquish control in hypnosis.

The Reality of Hypnosis

The truth is that hypnotic subjects are aware of what’s happening and can ignore suggestions that are not in their best interest. In stage shows, hypnotists identify the most suggestible subjects, but even they must be open to doing silly and funny things on stage. Very often the volunteers who do not respond are invited to take their seats. Hypnosis works when the patient truly wants what the certified hypnotist is suggesting to their unconscious mind.

The reasons to try hypnosis are many. Hypnotherapy is a natural and relaxing way to address anxiety, bad habits, overeating, and phobias. In hypnosis, these, and many other challenges, can be addressed and overcome quickly.