Play Basketball at the Highest Level with Hypnosis

Regardless of age or talent level, competing requires concentration, a short memory, and unshakable confidence. Even the most talented players can experience performance anxiety when the game or season is on the line. Add to that trash talking and the loud fans at an away game, and it’s no wonder that basketball players sometimes find it difficult to stay focused. Fortunately, athletes can play basketball at the highest level with hypnosis.


More than anything else, playing to your true potential requires confidence. It’s one thing to steal the ball or make the shot in practice. Basketball players need to tune out all distractions and remain confident in their game. They also need to forget about the last miss and focus on the next shot. In hypnotic trance, the inner mind, also known as the subconscious mind, can be programmed for unshakable confidence. This confidence allows basketball players to do what they’ve been training their whole lives to do.


Absolute focus and concentration are necessary when playing basketball at any level. Players who get distracted by taunting or the crowd are unable to focus on their shot. Hypnotic programming addresses this by helping basketball players remain calm, in the moment, and focused. Athletes who utilize hypnotherapy often report feeling peaceful, almost as if time slows down, during even the most pressure filled moments of a game.


By far, performance anxiety is the number one reason athletes seek out hypnosis. Some basketball players find that as the level of competition increases so does their anxiety. They feel the weight of the world on their shoulders. In a hypnotic trance, the experience that created the fearful response to competition can be uncovered and released. Whether it was a time when the player felt like he let his team down or a conversation with a coach that left the player feeling unsure about their abilities, these events/memories can be let go. 

Play Basketball at the Highest Level with Hypnosis

The hypnotic trance state is relaxing and completely natural. It is not a form of mind control, rather it is the ability to tap into the part of the mind that will accept suggestions for positive peak performance. A certified hypnotist can train the inner mind to remain calm, confident, and completely focused on the game. Any missed shot will be seen as a regular part of the game, with the understanding that even players like Michael Jordan or Lebron James never make all their shots. 

The Hypnotic Experience

Hypnotic trance is achieved by following the guidance of a hypnotherapist. Breathing techniques, guided imagery, and disorientation help basketball players experience hypnosis. Athletes often report being completely aware of what was said as well as their surroundings. However, they also report feeling as though time has flown by. Most importantly, hypnosis can help athletes play to their full potential. Regardless, if you are in high school or the N.B.A., you can play basketball at the highest level with hypnosis.