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by Eli Bliliuos on 03/10/2011

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Stop Smoking Hypnosis NYCImagine being free from having an unhealthy response to stress and eliminate your dependency on smoking.

Have you tried to quit smoking before but failed and was left wondering-
“Is there any way to quit that doesn’t make me miserable?”
“I think I can get over the physical addiction of smoking, but how do I replace the ritual of smoking?”
“I’ve tried patches, pills, gum, and going cold turkey. Can anything help me quit for good?”

Years of smoking has programmed your mind to expect a cigarette as certain times during each day. After a meal, on a break at work, with your coffee in the morning, are all common trigger times, when your brain signals a desire for a smoke. Another habit you have probably programmed into your mind is to have a cigarette when you are stressed. These habits can be harder to break then the actual physical dependency on nicotine. If they were not, gums and patches would always do the trick.

•Staying at the table after a meal talking with friends and family, without thinking about smoking
•Getting the same “fix” from a brisk walk that you do from a cigarette
•Not smoking ever again-without feeling miserable or like something is missing
Stop smoking hypnosis is just one of the methods that people use to end the unhealthy and unclean habit of smoking. There are several other ways including nicotine patches, gums, therapy, medications, and the dreaded cold turkey method. Even if you are using one of these methods, quit smoking hypnosis is a very useful addition.

Stop smoking hypnotherapy can make the difference between quitting for good and quitting for a few days. There are two issues with smoking that you have to overcome. Neither is an easy problem to defeat so the more help you can get, the better. The drug nicotine is only part of the chemical impact of smoking on your body. There are many other chemicals that smoking pours into your system.

When you quit smoking, your nervous system finds itself reeling from withdrawal symptoms. You are going through one of the most powerful reactions to any drug withdrawal. It hurts. It is as simple as that. But that is only part of the story. There is also the psychological habit of smoking. Your subconscious has a craving for a cigarette. Your mind craves the tranquility of that first inhalation of smoke.

There are medications that help with the physical withdrawal symptoms but if the psychological habit is not also dealt with, the stop smoking effort is almost certainly doomed to failure. With a double prong attack on the addiction, your chances of overcoming this smoking dependency are dramatically increased.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Quit smoking hypnotherapy delves into your subconscious and works on changing that intense psychological craving for a cigarette. With medication or other support for the physical side of the addiction, this can deal a powerful blow to your mind and body’s desire for just one more cigarette.

Studies have shown that just two stop smoking hypnotherapy sessions can increase your chances of finally quitting smoking from 6 percent to 50 percent. Imagine what a series of sessions would do. Quitting Smoking with sheer will power alone is very difficult. There is a powerful mind-body connection in everything you do. When you are dealing with nicotine addiction, it is even more potent as it directly impacts both mind and body in a powerful way.

Science has come up with ways to deal with the impact of the pain your body feels and there are cases where the physical addiction has been completely eliminated in a matter of days. However, the need for the psychological satisfaction overwhelms the person’s desire to quit smoking. This is why stop smoking hypnosis should be part of your program to break your addiction. As a tag team approach, the physical treatment and the subconscious treatment make a powerful duo.

Quit smoking hypnotherapy allows you to overcome the physical addiction to nicotine, but also the subconscious habit of smoking, which can be the hardest part of the smoking habit to break.

Hypnotherapy to stop smoking addresses the emotional and mental aspects of the habit by working within the subconscious, where these desires live. It can replace these subconscious triggers with healthy, positive thoughts, while using aversion techniques to help you resist the urge to light up.

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