Hypnosis To Overcome Postpartum Depression

The birth of a baby is a joyful and exciting time for new parents. However, with any major life change, there is also stress and anxiety. Some women may experience an intense feeling of sadness that they don’t feel able to shake. It may impact one’s ability to parent their newborn. It can bring about significant depression. Feelings may stir as a result including guilt, shame, anxiety. Furthermore, it may cause you to question your ability as a parent. For some, these feelings go away quickly. Others may experience postpartum depression and have difficulty overcoming it without seeking help. Hypnosis to overcome postpartum depression has shown to be highly effective.

Why Do People Suffer From Postpartum Depression?

Having a baby affects different aspects of one’s life from your social to professional life. There are dramatic changes to a womans’ body. The change in hormones after pregnancy can be a factor. Other things that may contribute to postpartum depression may be a lack of social support, marital discord, or a history of depression. It is difficult to pinpoint the exact cause. Some signs of postpartum depression are mood swings, constant crying, sleep issues, a state of sadness and a lack of focus among other possible symptoms. It is vital to take steps to seek help for the mother’s well being and for the family.

Hypnosis To Overcome Postpartum Depression

There was an interesting study in which women were divided into 2 groups during their pregnancy. One group received hypnosis at week 16, 20, 28 and 36 of their pregnancy. The other group received prenatal care but did not receive any hypnosis. Two months following the birth of their babies, they were each evaluated utilizing 2 scales. One scale was used to identify anxiety and stress symptoms. The other used was the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression scale. The group that went through hypnosis during their pregnancy had significantly lower postpartum anxiety. The conclusion of this study was that hypnosis during pregnancy can help promote a healthier psychological state following the birth.

How Hypnosis Can Help

Having a baby can be overwhelming, changes in routine, lack of sleep and all sorts of expectations in taking care of this precious new life. People struggling with anxiety and depression have sought out hypnosis for many years. Furthermore, it has become more common for the medical community to recommend hypnosis because of the many benefits. Hypnosis is a natural and very relaxing state in which the hypnotist can guide the individual and help determine the primary cause of the depression and anxiety. While under hypnosis, the hypnotherapist will help to change the way your mind looks at the situation. Once that happens, through their direction, you can establish healthier coping methods that help you adapt to and enjoy motherhood.

Postpartum depression can be a major struggle for some women. Taking the necessary steps is critical to overcome these intense feelings of sadness, have a healthier outlook and feel more confident about being a new mom. Lastly, hypnosis to overcome postpartum depression is a powerful step in the right direction.