How to Uncover Your Past Lives

The subconscious mind is amazing. It stores all of your past and present memories. Sometimes, a scent or sound will remind you of a memory that you thought was forgotten. In other cases, a certain scent reminds you of something that seems so familiar. You can’t place it because the memory is actually from your past lives. Through hypnosis, you can explore your past lives and unlock your hidden memories.

Discovering the Past

Past life memories are locked away in your mind, but you have the key to open them. Hypnosis helps you reach a state of relaxation where you can work with your past memories. This process was first discovered by Brian Weiss. Known for his work as a hypnotherapist and psychiatrist, Weiss realized something stunning in 1980. Under hypnosis, one of his patients started talking about her past life. He did not believe it was true, but then he looked up the information she revealed. Public data lined up perfectly with her remembered past.

Since that time, hypnotists like Weiss have researched past life regression and exploring past lives. Now, you can explore your past lives through hypnosis. You enter the subconscious mind to unlock the memories that are stored in your memory bank.

Explore Your Past Lives

Sometimes, past life memories can affect your present. Your phobias, fears and goals may be rooted in what happened before. Through past life hypnosis, you can uncover what happened before. This gives you a better understanding of who you are today. You can learn why you keep meeting the same souls in each life and how they can help you reach the next level of being. If you have a phobia or fear, your past lives may explain why.

Healing From the Past

When something traumatic happens, it can take years to move on. Sometimes, that trauma is so intense that it carries over to your next life. If you were the victim of a war, betrayal or violence, your mind still remembers it. This memory can cause problems in your present. You may have learned habits in the past that you repeat in the present.

The goal is to heal from your past and move on. Each life offers lessons that you can learn from. Through healing and learning from the past, you can progress in this life.

You may also be curious about what happened in your past life. Were you a religious leader or a philosopher? Did you and your family travel the Oregon Trail to a new life? Did you live a quiet life surrounded by loved ones?

Finding answers help you see the big picture. Each life is a step along your spiritual progression. Your curiosity helps you uncover the past, but it also helps you create the future. You can find the answers to your deepest questions. Through hypnosis, you can discover why you feel a certain way. You can start the healing process. If you have traveled with the same souls in each life, you can learn why those souls are so connected to you. Through past life hypnosis, you can find out who you have been, are and will become.

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