How to Uncover Past Life Memories

A Hypnotherapy Treatment

You’ve probably felt it. The feeling that there’s more to life than what we know. Past life memories can shed some insight into some of the unknowns in our lives. Past life memories can also affect how we approach problems and situations in our daily lives. How we think, how we feel, what motivates us and detracts us—it can all stem from events that occurred in past lives. After many years of research, past life therapy has gained traction as a serious treatment method for mental health challenges—because it offers answers for the parts of ourselves that are unexplained. 

Past life therapy believes that all people have lived lives before the one they are in now. And all these lives are interconnected. What a person experienced in a past life can carry over to this life, creating a chain link throughout a person’s spiritual and life journey. 

Recalling Past Life Memories 

Past life therapy can help people to reach into their past lives and heal their wounds in this one. For most people, looking into the very distant past and remembering their past lives isn’t possible without being in a relaxed and focused state like hypnosis. When people are finally able to remember, it can be a revelation. They can finally understand why they love or detest specific parts of their current life. And that understanding can result in a magnificent transformation in how they see their place in the world. 

We often find ourselves being drawn to people or situations, and we don’t understand why. We may also find ourselves having an aversion to random people or places, and we can’t comprehend what the cause could be. It could very well be because they remind us of something or someone from a past life. This understanding can open doors and allow us to change our behaviors. Remembering past lives can lead to a better understanding of the joys and problems in the life we have today. 

Root Causes

These past life events that influence a person’s present life are called a “root cause.” These root causes can be the reason why a person has challenges like phobias, habits, or difficult relationships. These root causes can also be why people become anxious or depressed. Abuse, trauma, unfulfilled dreams, or losses that happened in the past are all examples of what could be root causes. 

Finding the root cause of a problem can provide much needed validation for people who might be confused or upset by their current situation. Once the root cause is found, it can be explored and reframed, allowing a person to heal ancient wounds. 

Past lives also introduce the concept of “karma.” Karma is the belief that actions can influence the events of the future, and that situations from one life can cause events in a future life. Karma from the past can carry on into a person’s current life, creating a circle of cause and effect. 

“Many Lives, Many Masters”

The book “Many Lives, Many Masters” is written by renowned psychiatrist, Dr. Brian Weiss. In this book, he discusses the many instances of past life regressions that occurred during his sessions with clients. Having appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show and having served as Chairman Emeritus at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Florida, Dr. Weiss is admired delete “loved” and well-respected amongst his peers. 

Dr. Weiss is known for his passion and scientific approach toward past life therapy. However, even his very scientific mind couldn’t keep him from an odd life-changing situation. While working with a patient under hypnosis, she revealed private information to him about his deceased father, leading him to confirm his belief in past lives. To this day, his book “Many Lives, Many Masters” functions as a vital window into the world of past life therapy. 

Finding Your Purpose

Psychology is based on the idea that much of what people think and do comes from the unconscious. What is it like to access the unconscious and your past lives? Here is an example:

The experience of remembering past life memories is done under hypnosis in a safe and comfortable environment. Accessing a past life memory can feel very real as if the person is actually there. Past life regression is done with a certified hypnotist who can walk you through very vivid, and detail-filled memories. As you re-experience the past life memory, the hypnotist helps explore your emotions and reactions, opening you to insights to help you work past your current problems. 

Although recalling past lives and understanding them is a big step, it’s not the end. An effort must be made to use that information and improve the life that you are in now. The purpose is to elevate each life you’re in. 

Past life regression isn’t just exciting and healing, but it can be transformative. There is comfort in the knowledge that your past lives connect with your present and that what you do now could also influence your future lives. You control your destiny. You have the ability to unlock the wealth of knowledge hidden within your past lives to make your present life the best it can be.