How to Stop Grinding your Teeth with Hypnosis

Has this happened to you? You wake-up in the morning to a dull headache or soreness in your jar? Perhaps, you wake-up not feeling well-rested. If you share your bed with a significant other, they may complain to you that you disrupted their sleep with the noise that you were making. The culprit behind these events is bruxism, better known as grinding your teeth. Unless this is resolved, grinding your teeth can lead to more serious problems. Left untreated, bruxism can lead to fractured teeth, tooth loss, or TMJ. Fortunately, there is a quick cure that is painless and will not inconvenience you in any way: Stop grinding your teeth with hypnosis.

Most people who grind their teeth do what would seem to be logical; they see their dentist. Your dentist may have you wear a mouth guard or prescribe a muscle relaxant. He or she may tell you that you need to cut back on your caffeine intake. Or perhaps, they will tell you to participate in a stress release program. However, there is a problem with all of these recommendations.

Your dentist is most likely a caring professional who is approaching your problem based on how they were trained. The problem is that none of the fore-mentioned remedies address the actual problem. At best, they are just addressing your symptoms.
The reason why you grind your teeth is because you are experiencing anxiety, and anxiety that you may not even be conscious off. This is why hypnosis is a powerful treatment for bruxism. Why should you stop grinding your teeth with hypnosis? Because using hypnosis is far superior to mouth guards, drugs, stress relief classes, or cutting back on your coffee or chocolates.

Stop grinding your teeth with hypnosis

Our subconscious is like a reservoir that is filled with every memory that we have ever had. Our conscious mind only retains a small percentage of our memories in comparison. We often feel that we are in charge of our lives; however, the opposite is true. It is our subconscious memories that provide the guiding force for our lives. Even when we believe that we are using our intellect, our conscious thinking is being guided by the subconscious. This is why breaking a bad habit is so difficult through will power. You may know that smoking is bad for you, but your subconscious thoughts will provide greater resistance to changing. Your willpower can at best give you a temporary victory.

Hypnosis works wonders because it leaves you in full-control of your treatment. Contrary to myths, hypnosis is safe and you retain control of what happens during the session. What hypnosis does is to make you very relaxed so that you are able to access your subconscious and investigate what it is that is causing you difficulty. Your hypnotherapist will guide you each step of the way to uncover the cause of your teeth grinding and in overcome it.

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