How to Quiet Negative Self-Talk with Hypnosis

If you quiet negative self-talk with hypnosis, you’ll find that you can change your future. How we talk to ourselves inside our head shapes how we feel and behave, which affects whether we fail or succeed. Everyone talks to themselves, including you. Whether you know it or not, you are constantly speaking to yourself inside your head.

Have you ever had to make a difficult choice? You’ve  probably weighed the pros and cons inside your head, which is a kind of self-talk. Whenever we daydream or wonder about something, we’re talking to ourselves. We are all constantly having a conversation with ourselves. The question is, “What are we telling ourselves?”

Hopefully, your self-talk includes a lot of encouragement and nurturing comments. If so, then your self-talk is healthy and positive. This kind of self-talk boosts your self-confidence and pushes you to take positive risks to succeed. Unfortunately, we can also speak to ourselves unkindly. At our worst, our self-talk can be downright mean and hostile. That kind of negative self-talk leads to low self-esteem and failure. Fortunately, you can silence negative self-talk with hypnosis.

Signs of Negative Self-Talk

Sometimes, we’re so used to speaking negatively to ourselves inside our minds that we think nothing of it. We can’t spot our negative self-talk. We may not realize we’re even doing it. You participate in negative self-talk if you:

Use absolutes in your self-talk. “You never….” and “You are always…” are typical phrases used for negative self-talk.

Make accusations against yourself. “It’s your fault that she’s angry at you. You deserve to be spoken to that way.”

Call yourself names and talk down to yourself. “I’m such a loser or I’m a failure or I’m so unlovable.”

Get angry at yourself for small mistakes.

Disregard your successes.

Tell yourself you’re responsible for things that go wrong in your life…and everyone else’s.

Using mean names and labels to refer to yourself. “I’m an ugly cow.” “I’m just a stupid fool.”

Effects of Negative Self-Talk

Attempting to silence negative self-talk on your own is difficult. Once negative self-talk sets in, usually during childhood, it becomes a habit. Especially if you had parents who spoke to you negatively or had traumatic experiences when you were young.  You can become so used to speaking negatively towards yourself that it becomes automatic. Negative self-talk can become the normal way of reacting to events. Left unchecked, it can spiral out of control.

Negative self-talk creates a lack of self-confidence and  low self-esteem. It can cause a loss of will, anxiety, depression, and relationship or financial issues. Much of what holds us back in life is negative self-talk.

Quiet Negative Self-Talk with Hypnosis

Because negative self-talk can become automatic, tackling it with hypnosis makes sense. Automatic thoughts and behaviors start in our subconscious. Hypnotherapy can tap into that area of the brain. Hypnosis provides a direct line into the part of the brain where negative self-talk begins.

In hypnotherapy, you can discover the roots of your negative self-talk. You may have forgotten that your parents were verbally abusive or made negative comments about you. Hypnotherapy uncovers those memories and teaches you to reframe them. By reframing your view of the past, hypnosis makes memories less likely to cause you harm. Hypnosis takes away the ability of your past to negatively affect your future.

During hypnosis, a hypnotist will place you in a very relaxed state. Although you’ll be alert during this time, your mind will be in a state that hypnosis can influence. A hypnotist will explore events from your past that lead to your negative self-esteem.

Using hypnosis, your negative thought patterns can also be switched to become positive self-talk instead. Rather than criticizing yourself endlessly, your mind can be taught to become your greatest cheerleader. You can finally silence the voices keeping you from succeeding, by trying to quiet negative self-talk with hypnosis.

How to Quiet Negative Self-Talk with Hypnosis
Article Name
How to Quiet Negative Self-Talk with Hypnosis
If you quiet negative self-talk with hypnosis, you’ll find that you can change your future. How we talk to ourselves inside our head shapes how we feel and behave, which affects whether we fail or succeed.
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