How to Heal Your Childhood Trauma

A childhood trauma can follow you for a lifetime. Before you can make peace with your past, you have to learn how to heal your childhood trauma. Unfortunately, this tends to be harder than it sounds. The brain records everything that happens. After a trauma, a stronger memory is made. When anything reminds you of the trauma, your brain replays the same fear and anxiety.

Hypnosis to Overcome Childhood Trauma

You can heal your inner child through hypnosis. The problem is how your mind remembers and recounts the trauma. As a child, you were unable to process the trauma like the adult. Over the years, the trauma can lead to anger, phobias and relationship problems. The same trauma limits how you live your life.

Hypnotherapy for emotional and physical trauma helps to reframe your memories. You are able to resolve the trauma from your past. As you heal your childhood trauma, you learn new ways of approaching the same memories. The phobias and anger gradually die away.

Heal Your Childhood Trauma

You never had a chance to confront the trauma as a child. Someone or something hurt you, but you were too young to change the situation. As an adult, you can finally have a chance to confront the trauma. You can also learn how to resolve problems that stem from the trauma. For example, if a parent died, you may have felt lonely or afraid of forming relationships. In hypnosis, you can learn how to break free of this phobia.

In hypnosis, you have a safe environment to resolve the conflict. You reframe how you remember the event. By processing the trauma safely, you are able to keep the memory from disturbing you again.

At the same time, hypnosis can also help you gain new skills. These skills can help you overcome trauma. Before long, you are able to live your life to the fullest.

Treating the Effects of Trauma

Hypnotherapy is effective because it focuses on the root of the problem. Your subconscious mind remembers the trauma. Because of how the trauma is cataloged in the mind, you keep reliving the same fear and anxiety. Hypnosis uses powerful techniques like exposure, visualization and suggestions to change how your mind works.

Your limbic system is responsible for your fear. It is made to respond to a threat by fighting, fleeing or freezing. When you experience trauma, your mind feels like the trauma continues to happen. It changes your limbic system and how you respond to the world.

In hypnosis, you undo the damage to your limbic system. Hypnosis can help with memories, nightmares and flashbacks. You learn tools that give you control again. Hypnosis can help boost your ego, increase relaxation and minimize fear. It can help alter how you remember the past.

Hypnosis opens a portal to the mind that allows you to remove limiting beliefs and thoughts. Then, you replace these thoughts with a new attitude. You are able to resolve your internal conflict and break out of the negative thought patterns. With hypnosis, you can heal from the trauma and move on in life.

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