How to heal from Childhood Bullying?

Bullying and Its Lifelong Impact

Young children often tease each other.  But when the line is crossed from teasing to bullying, it can harm the person being bullied for the rest of their lives. Bullying makes victims out of peers. Being bullied can be very scary, and it can result in a lifetime of side effects. During childhood and the teen years, the brain is still forming and can be changed by frightening events, like bullying. These situations stay in the memory for a long time. They can change the way the bullied person sees the world. Terrifying memories of bullying can stay with victims all through adulthood, which can hurt relationships.

The World Health Organization and the United Nations recognize the effects that bullying can have on children when they become adults. Young adults who were bullied when they were younger tend to have poor health, suffer from personal and social relationship issues, and earn less than young adults who were not bullied. Adults who were bullied are more likely to have low self-confidence and a hard time trusting others. Because of this, adults who were bullied as children are less likely to have a boyfriend or girlfriend, or to get married. They also have a hard time making and keeping friends. These adults may also have anxiety and depression. All these challenges prove that childhood bullying can have very long-lasting effects.

Hypnotherapy for Bullying Victims

Scientists have found that frightening events, like being bullied, can change the brain. By looking at MRI results, researchers at King’s College London can see how trauma can show in the brain. There are ways to help the brain heal from bullying. Hypnotherapy is a medication-free method that can be used to help people who have been victims of bullying. 

By using hypnotherapy for bullying victims, adults can find memories of bullying that they may have forgotten or are afraid to remember. Once bullying memories are found, they can be talked about. Then they are reframed in a way that can help the victim. Through hypnotherapy, adults who experienced bullying can heal and move on. As humans, our brains often stay where our mental wounds are. We make choices by what sad or scary event has happened to us in the past, in hopes of avoiding the same event in the future. These choices are made from the point of view of pain and hurt and aren’t always the best choices. Using hypnotherapy for bullying, a certified hypnotist can train the mind to overcome those traumatic memories. Adults can learn to make choices using healthy thinking instead of thinking from the point of view of a bullied child.

Moving Forward with Hypnotherapy

Adults who use hypnotherapy to manage their memories of bullying find that their lives get better afterward. They are much more confident of themselves. Because they have a sense of control over their lives, bullying victims no longer feel like victims, they feel like survivors. Being able to see themselves differently can make all the difference. Hypnotherapy for bullying can also help to manage any feelings of being alone that people who have been bullied frequently have. It can open doors to new friendships, romance, and success. Hypnotherapy can change someone’s life for the better. Making better choices, being more confident, and creating new sources of social support, hypnotherapy can be a life-changer.

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