Give Your Lungs a Break and Extend Your Life

by Eli on 12/13/2017

in Stop Smoking

smoking cessation with hypnotherapySmoking cessation might not be easy, but your lungs deserve a break. A long-term smoker loses 10 years of life expectancy by smoking. While long-term smoking hurts your life expectancy, it is possible to reverse the process. Individuals who quit before they turn 35 can recover most, or all, of that lost decade back. Meanwhile, people who quit after age 35 can recover five years of that lost decade.

Smoking hurts nearly every organ in the body. This addiction causes stroke and coronary heart disease. Even individuals who smoke less than five cigarettes each day can still damage their cardiovascular system. This habit damages your blood vessels by making them narrow and thicken. The heart has to beat faster in order to push blood through your body, and your blood pressure rises. If a clot forms, you can have a stroke.

Most people already realize that smoking is bad for the lungs. This bad habit is linked to respiratory diseases and lung cancer. It damages small air sacs known as alveoli in your lungs. By hurting the alveoli and your airways, it makes it harder for you to breath. It is estimated that most lung cancer cases are caused by smoking. In the short term, smoking can trigger asthma attacks and respiratory diseases.

Other than short-term ailments, smoking can also increase your chances of developing COPD, chronic bronchitis and emphysema. It is estimated that smokers have a 12 to 13 times higher risk of dying from COPD than people who have never smoked. Men who smoke have a 25 times higher risk of developing lung cancer. Meanwhile, women who smoke have a 25.7 times higher chance of developing lung cancer. Smoking increases your chances of developing cervical, colon, kidney, bladder, stomach, pancreas, liver, lung, esophagus and trachea cancer. It is estimated that if everyone stopped smoking, one in three American cancer deaths would not happen.

Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation

A Hypnosis smoking session and/or downloads may be able to help turn the tide against smoking. While some smoking cessation products like gum or patches have been shown to help, part of the problem is the smoker’s mind. Over the years, the reward system in the brain is hijacked by smoking. Each cigarette produces a sense of euphoria in the reward system. The brain basically needs a cigarette in order to feel normal.

This is the basic mechanism behind how any addiction works. Smoking cessation products may target the habit, but they do not change the way the mind works. Hypnosis targets the subconscious mind and rewires the reward system. It safely, naturally makes the smoker less likely to smoke. Instead of smoking, they want to engage in healthy activities like walking, reading a book or working out.

Smoking makes it harder to breathe and reduces your life expectancy. Luckily, smoking cessation is possible. By quitting smoking, you can immediately lower your risks of developing cardiovascular problems, COPD and cancer. With the help of hypnosis, your lungs can breathe easier as you effectively remove your desire to light up.

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