Putting Excellence

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Do you struggle with putting even when you believe you can make them?

Do you have difficulty with distance and speed control?

Do you suffer from negative self-talk?

Anxiety and doubt can wreak havoc on your golf game. While form and technique are very important, focus and confidence are absolutely essential when putting. Learning how to remain relaxed and at peace while putting can dramatically improve your game.


Putting with absolute confidence and laser like focus

Remaining centered and balanced while putting

Having excellent distance and speed control

Keeping the angle of your wrists consistent

Getting in the zone whenever you putt

The Putting Excellence hypnosis download will program your mind to remain calm and centered while putting. This game changing hypnosis MP3 can help to improve your speed and distance control by improving your focus and concentration. By eliminating doubt and negative self-talk, the Golf Putting Excellence hypnosis MP3 can help you get in the zone and elevate your game!

What does science say about hypnosis for golf performance improvement? The participants in this scientific study improved their golf chipping and experienced greater confidence, relaxation, and control.

With a clear mind and unshakable confidence your form, grip, stance, and swing will improve as well. Overcome your putting struggles by ordering the Putting Excellence hypnosis download today!

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Putting Excellence Hypnosis mp3
Putting Excellence
Original price was: $49.95.Current price is: $39.95.