Freedom from Sexual Addiction

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Are you staying in a relationship only for sex?

Does your compulsion interfere with your productivity?

Do you have multiple sexual partners including strangers?

Do you engage in unsafe practices?

Do you often experience regret after sex?

Enjoying intimacy is completely normal. However, when reoccurring intrusive thoughts related to sex prevent you from meeting your responsibilities, it may be a sign of a sexual addiction. True sexual addiction typically involves unsafe practices and multiple partners that can include total strangers. An obsessive sexual desire to be with someone who is not a good match may also be an indication of an addiction.

Many people try unsuccessfully to stop obsessive thoughts related to sex. The problem is the more you try not to think of something, the more you actually wind-up thinking about it. As an example, try not to think of a beautiful beach with white sand. Whatever you do, please do not think of a beautiful beach with white sand. What have you been thinking about? A beautiful beach with white sand!



Making healthy and rational decisions

Freedom from Obsessive and Intrusive thoughts

Being Productive Again

Seeking Out Healthy Relationships


Fortunately, the Freedom from Sexual Addiction hypnosis download can help to eliminate the intrusive thoughts that drive the addiction. Hypnosis is a calming, natural state that when experienced also allows for positive suggestions to be accepted by the subconscious mind. Relaxing your mind helps to eliminate these thoughts and the hypnotic directions or suggestions can help prevent them from coming back.

If you’re tired of the unwanted thoughts and unsafe behavior, the freedom from sexual addiction hypnosis MP3 can help. By visiting this webpage, you have already taken the first step. You have identified a sexual addiction. Now take the next step and regain control by ordering the freedom from sexual addiction hypnosis download today!

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Freedom from Sexual Addiction
$49.95 $39.95