Elevate Your Squash Game

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Imagine boosting your squash skills by being able to “read” your opponent and responding automatically

Squash can be a physically demanding and mentally exhausting sport. If you’ve struggled to make your squash game better, you probably asked yourself

Why can’t I anticipate where the ball is heading without “watching” the ball?

Why do I not play as well when competing? 

How can I quickly adjust my response to the opponent?’

What can make my attack shots more effective?

Squash is a game of skill, but it’s also a game of the mind. Being fast to respond takes fast assessments and quick decision making. It’s about initiating your split-step to head for where the ball will be, rather than where it is. Anticipation, response, and action occur almost simultaneously in squash. Any hesitancy results in a lost point. And in squash every single point counts.

Imagine making the best choice and shot, free of hesitation

Hypnosis can revolutionize your squash game. Great squash players can track the ball AND their opponent at the same time. This takes attention to detail and making quick judgments. Hypnosis can help your mind focus by honing your awareness, letting you see the court with clarity. Whether you are attacking or defending, hypnosis can have you always be at the ready to respond.

Ready to elevate your squash game? Our hypnosis for squash download can get you there.  Through visualization and repetition, our download can train your brain to “read” the court. Perfect your squash game in the privacy of your home and at your convenience. Order our hypnotherapy for squash download and elevate your way to being a squash champ.


Elevate your Squash game hypnosis download
Elevate Your Squash Game
$49.95 $39.95