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Overcome Test Anxiety

Overcome Test Anxiety

Today is the big day. Your final exam is just minutes away...an exam that your instructor made sure you knew was 40 percent of your total grade for the course. You studied for weeks, staying up extra late last night just to cram in a few more sample problems and recheck a few facts just to be sure. You felt completely prepared...that is, until you walked into the classroom. You sit down at your desk and immediately feel sick to your stomach. The door has already been closed and the instructor starts passing out the exams. Panic washes over you as you realize you have just forgotten everything you thought you knew. Your pencil breaks just as your instructor starts the timer for the exam. All at once you feel light headed...like you may pass out at any moment.

Test anxiety is not just something kids made up years ago to get out of having to take exams. It is a very real fear that is more common than you may think. If you have ever had an experience like the one described above, hypnosis may be the key to helping you overcome your test anxiety. We have developed a downloadable hypnosis session that is designed to help you look at test taking in a whole new light. Through the material in the download, our hypnotists work with you on a subconscious level. We help you remove the negative thoughts surrounding exams that you currently have and replace them with more positive thoughts. This helps you see test taking in a totally different light...one that you needn't fear any longer.

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