Social Phobia Hypnosis

Imagine being comfortable and confident whether you are in a social setting or giving a presentation.

If you have a social phobia, you may often wonder –

“Why can’t I simply go out with my friends for a night on the town?”
“How will I ever find a better job when I can’t bare the thoughts of interviewing?”
“I’m so afraid to give this speech. How can I get out of doing it?”

Never feeling lonely or alone again
Actually enjoying going out and participating in social activities
Feeling confident and focused while giving a presentation, without worrying about what people may think

Social phobia, also known as social anxiety disorder, is the biggest of all the phobias and the third largest mental health care issue. We’re talking globally here. That is how large a problem social anxiety is. On average, 7 percent of the population suffers social anxiety. Some are harder hit than others. Social phobia hypnosis is a prime treatment for the disorder. The chance of social phobia affecting you is about 13 percent over your lifetime.

This phobia can be debilitating. A person might be fully functioning and feeling great in every other way but the idea of attending a social gathering puts him or her in panic mode. There is a range of fears.  For some the mere idea of being introduced to other people drives them into panic mode. For others, the social situation has to be more demanding such as having to give a speech before they panic.

No one likes to be criticized and few people like being watched while they work or talk on the phone and this can irritate most of us. This does not mean that we are necessarily suffering with a phobia. However, when you experience social fright, these possible interactions are enough to keep you from leaving the house.

When you are unable to interact with people, it can make you very lonely.  People don’t get to know you and they view you as shy and unfriendly. This makes it difficult for you to have friends who can visit and socialize with you. Your fear of social situations is so pervasive that you spend a great deal of time alone.

Hypnotherapy to Overcome a Social Phobia

For fear of social situations, social phobia hypnosis is the answer. Medication can alleviate some of the anxiety but there are side effects. In addition, it is not entirely effective because the point is not to mask and muffle the feelings of panic, but to remove the unhealthy pattern from your subconscious mind and replace them with healthy feelings about social situations.

Fear of social situations hypnotherapy helps to give a new perspective to the buried experiences and memories of the client’s subconscious mind that prompted the disorder in the first place. This in conjunction with suggestive therapy can allow the social phobia sufferer to move beyond the debilitating fear quickly and easily. The client emerges at the end of a successful therapy session relieved of anxiety and feeling far more confident and positive about life.

Social phobia hypnosis helps you identify the cause of your social fears and eliminate them. It can help you move past your fears to bolster your confidence and self-esteem so that you can enjoy meeting new people and doing new things free of panic or anxiety. Social anxiety need not stop you from achieving all of your dreams, and social phobia hypnosis will ensure that it does not!

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