Past Life Therapy – How It’s Helping People Believe in Reincarnation

Imagine learning about your past lives and understanding those feelings of déjà vu…

If you have ever experienced déjà vu or had the same dream multiple times, you may be wondering –
“What are these flashes of memories that I don’t remember experiencing?”
“ What is past life regression?”
“Can regression and reincarnation help me understand the limiting patterns in my life?”

•Understanding your true life’s purpose
•Learning about some of the many past lives you may have lived
•Identifying and overcoming the limiting fears and beliefs that stem from your past lives

Ever get that feeling of déjà vu? Ever have the same dream a few nights in a row? While these might seem like simple things, they can actually be part of a much deeper phenomenon involving your past lives.

According to research done by CBS News, 1 in 10 Americans remembers living in a past life. While you may be one of them – and experience flashes here and there in the form of a dream or déjà vu – the best way to learn more is through past life therapy.

Past life therapy is a form of hypnosis that focuses on reincarnation – or, the belief that you have lived several lives before this one. Your physical body may die, but your soul lives on, and eventually takes up residence in a new body.

People have believed in reincarnation for thousands of years – since the days of Ancient Greece. The idea of reincarnation got a big boost when Buddha remembered all of his past lives when he fully awakened.

Today, the theory of reincarnation is getting a boost from past life regression. Based on what people experience during their past life hypnotherapy sessions, they are believing more and more in the power of reincarnation.

So, what happens during a regression session?

A specific session is called a past life regression. During one, you will be put into a trance-like state, which will significantly boost your ability to acess memories. That increase will help you remember vivid details about your past lives.

How does it work?
Regression helps you recover memories of your past lives. That’s because all of the memories and experiences of your past lives – along with the ones from your current life – are stored in your subconscious mind. However, since they are buried so deep, you do not have access to them unless you are in a hypnotic state.

How much will you remember?

It depends. In some cases, going through a regression is almost like watching a movie; you might see things and hear things. Some people even feel things! Under the right circumstances, these “scenes” can be very vivid and very dramatic.

How can reincarnation help you?

In addition to uncovering fascinating experiences and memories, regression and reincarnation can help you learn more about yourself.

When you undergo a regression, you will experience the people and events that shaped your prior lives. Some of them may shape who you are today, in your current life – which can help you understand decisions you’ve made or fears you have.

Additionally, it’s believed that many of the people who have had a major impact on your current life also impacted your past lives. Who knows… You may be part of a group of souls that has traveled through several lifetimes together!

Past life regression helps you to understand who you have been, and how experiences from your past still impact your current life. By experiencing regression, you can see how these past lives influence who you are today, and why you have certain feelings and beliefs. It can also help you understand why certain people are so important in our current life and whether we interacted with them in our past lives.

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