Past Life Regression – How You Can Use It to Understand Your Current Challenges

Imagine understanding why you have certain fears, limiting beliefs, and life patterns that you cannot seem to rid yourself of..

You may consider past life regression when you find yourself struggling with questions like
“Why do I sabotage all my relationships?”
“Why do I have this severe fear or phobia?”
“I seem to experience déjà vu often, how come?”

Understanding how incidents from your past life are affecting you today
Knowing why you have a particular fear or phobia even though you have no memory of a triggering event
Discovering the events from your past life that are triggering the experience of déjà vu

Do you ever wonder why you have some of the opinions that you do? Do you wonder why some things are just so hard – while others seem to be a breeze?

A past life regression can give you the answers you need!

A past life regression is a hypnotic session, during which you have access to your subconscious mind. From there, you can tap into memories and experiences from your past lives. You will experience prior lives played out in front of you, in some cases, like you’re watching a movie.

That’s right – past life therapy is based on reincarnation, or the belief that your soul has lived several different lives, all in different bodies. When one of your physical bodies died, your soul moved on to a new body.

By using hypnosis to unlock the memories of those past lives that are stored in your subconscious, you can learn how they are affecting you today. In fact, past life therapy can help you figure out why certain aspects of your life are so challenging.


Let’s say that you are terrified of fire, but you have no idea where the phobia came from. All you know is that you’re afraid of sitting around a campfire, or even going to a friend’s barbecue for fear that a massive blaze is going to break out.

By doing a past life regression, you may discover that you died in a house fire in a previous life. You may not consciously remember it, but your subconscious does – which is why you have the fear today. Once you know what’s causing your fear, you can work through it.

But what if the challenge is not so clear?

Maybe you always seem to have trouble with your significant other, and you don’t know why. All you know is that you have no problem asking women out on dates, but all of your serious relationships fizzle out, and you’re afraid that you’re never going to wind up with a loving wife.

By undergoing past life therapy, you may learn that one of your wives cheated on you. Your soul has carried that pain and that betrayal with you ever since. As a result, your subconscious believes that if you marry another woman, you will get cheated on again – so it actively works to end any relationship before things get too serious.

Now that you know what the problem is, you can re-train your subconscious to understand that your wife’s cheating was an isolated incident, and that it doesn’t mean that all women aren’t cheaters. Once your subconscious is re-programmed, it won’t destroy your relationship before you walk down the aisle.

You can live a less challenging life – but it all starts with uncovering answers during a past life regression!

Past life regression therapy can help to access the memories that are stored in your subconscious of the numerous past lives you have led. It can help you identify why you believe or behave the way you do today, and discover the history of your soul. Most importantly, it can help you overcome limiting beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you.

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