Life Between Lives Regression

Imagine being able to access the experiences of your soul after death and before being incarnated once again

Have you ever wondered –
“What happens to our soul after we die?”
“Is there some way to access where the soul goes before it is incarnated?”
“How can I discover why I have certain recurring thoughts and feelings?”

Understanding the patterns of your life and why you feel the way you do
Knowing the true purpose behind the challenges you face in life
Having a much deeper understanding of who you are and your purpose in life

Life between lives regression (LBL) takes you on an incredible journey through your own being and can provide you with a deeper understanding of who you are. To explain it, it is essential to understand just what LBL is. In life between lives therapy, you are taken to the space or existence that you had between your many past lives.

This period of time, if time actually exists there, is before you incarnated on earth in your current body. You are able to access these memories by tapping into your subconscious mind. In fact, because they are stored in your subconscious, these experiences can affect your reactions and behavior to people and places.

In most cases the first stop in this process of regression is your childhood in your current life. Thereafter you will be guided back to the time you spent in your mother’s womb. While you are there, you can experience the feelings and sensations of being in the womb and connected to your mother. This can be an enlightening and sometimes emotional experience.

After you become acquainted with memories from childhood and the womb, you move even further back to a recent past life. In many cases your past life will shed light on some of the limiting beliefs and patterns in your current life. By identifying and exposing these patterns, they can be overcome.

Once the past life has been examined the journey to the space between lives can begin. This takes place directly after the death scene of the past life. It is here that a connection with the energies and souls of the afterlife begins. This is a profound time of enlightenment that can allow for a real shift in perspective. For those who are open to the process, a new understanding of what is truly important begins to take hold.

It is possible to encounter souls that you have incarnated with in previous lifetimes. In fact, there is a belief that we all belong to soul groups. These are the souls who have played important roles in our many incarnations. They can include close family members, friends, and lovers.

There are those who will encounter a guide of sorts. This supportive soul helps to guide and help identify the lives that will enrich and allow for growth. By choosing the appropriate incarnation the soul will be able to experience situations, relationships, and challenges that allow for spiritual development.

It is important to seek out a certified hypnotist who specializes in Life between lives therapy. They will have the training and experience necessary to guide you on this journey of profound exploration.

Life between lives regression can help clients better understand their patterns, fears, and or limiting beliefs. It can also help you understand why you chose to experience the challenges and relationships in your life. It is a profound journey of enlightenment and discovery.

Life between lives regression therapy can help you access memories stored in your subconscious of the space between death and your next incarnation. It can give you a deeper sense of your purpose in life, and increase your spiritual development. Life between lives regression is the first step towards understanding the profound journey each soul takes on its way to enlightenment.

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