Is Weight Loss Hypnosis a Fad?

From ancient Egypt to 18th century Europe, to 19th century America, hypnosis has been used to treat everything from pain to phobias. Utilizing hypnosis now in the 21st century as a way to make weight loss programs more effective and effortless is far from being a fad. Unlike weight loss fads that may not even work, hypnosis is the only method that accesses the subconscious to remove the mental barriers that can prevent you from reaching your weight loss, exercise, and healthy lifestyle goals.

When you hear about all the different ways you can lose weight, hypnosis is often mentioned. It is so often tossed onto the list of new diets and the latest technique that it is all too easy to think of it as a late 20th century fad. In reality, hypnosis has been around for centuries. Actually it has been around for a millennia. The first record of hypnosis dates back to Egypt around 3,000 BC.

Imohep, an Egyptian from 2700 BC is considered the first doctor in the world, and at that time sleep chambers were part of the healing process. Without getting into a lot of detail about sleep chambers and ancient medicine, it is enough to know that getting into a dream state was part of the healing process even as long ago as Imohep’s time. Sleep chambers were already part of the culture for several hundred years in Imohep’s day.

The first hypnotist in Western European culture was Franz Anton Mesmer, an 18th century Viennese physician. For a long time, hypnotism was called mesmerism in honor of the modern-day father of the field. If you have ever been mesmerized by something or someone, then you have a sense of what it feels like to be at the edge of the state of hypnotism. And you have been labeled with the moniker that descended from Franz Mesmer.

Mesmerism was renamed hypnotism by James Braid in the 1800s. The medical profession was beginning to realize that the state induced was a form of relaxation where people turn inward and explored the inner recesses of their own minds. But that is enough history. The point is that for a very long time, scientists knew that there was more to your mind and brain than meets the eye.

If there was some way to tap into the unused portions of your mind — which is on average about 90 percent of your brain — there are some powerful changes that can be made. Given the level of technology and scientific study now available, weight loss hypnosis is a very logical and potentially life-changing procedure that has a good solid reputation for accessing the subconscious part of your mind.

Weight loss hypnosis

Hypnotism is clearly anything but a fad. It was long-established as a way that physicians treated the wealthy and royal members of society in the past. With the recent phenomenon of holistic medicine, the ability to measure brain activity, and the new understandings of the mind, it is a fact that hypnotism works. If you want to lose weight, hypnotism is a perfect place to start. It goes to the root of the problem or problems that might be the source of your weight issues.

Weight loss hypnosis is used in conjunction with your favorite healthy diet and exercise program as a way to make each more effective and more enjoyable. It removes from the subconscious issues or problems that can hinder your success with weight loss and maintaining an exercise program and healthy lifestyle. Even better, hypnosis for weight loss works naturally and has no negative side effects.

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