If You Want to Lose Weight, Hypnosis Is the Way to Go

Imagine starting a new weight loss and exercise plan with unwavering determination.

If you are thinking about hypnosis to lose weight, you may be wondering
“How can I get more motivated about diet and exercise?”
“I’ve hit a plateau in my diet, how can I jump start my weight loss program?”
“I feel like exercise is a chore, is there a way to help me enjoy my workout?”

Making healthy choices automatically
Being motivated to exercise regularly
Feeling inspired to lose weight
Maintaining your diet and exercise program for the long term

Weight loss hypnosis is a great way to kick off a change in your eating and exercise habits. You may need to have a series of hypnotic experiences to really make the change. It is also a good idea to learn how to put yourself into a hypnotic trance to bolster the experience. Before you begin a hypnosis program, you should understand how the process works.

Hypnosis is not a party trick or magic. It is a method of reaching your subconscious mind, bypassing your busy and possibly cluttered conscious mind. If you stop right now and shut your eyes and listen to the thoughts racing around in your head, you will see just how much is going on in your conscious mind.

Are you even aware of your subconscious as you sit there, eyes closed, in a relaxed state? Probably not. And yet, your subconscious constantly affects the thoughts in your conscious mind. Your subconscious is a huge engine that runs your life. Your actions, responses, and dreams start in your subconscious. This is where your “aha” moments come from. This is where your great ideas start.

While your conscious mind carries out the daily routine of making your decisions and carrying out the plans for the day, your subconscious is really behind your actions and behavior. When you are asleep, your subconscious does the work. This is also where your dreams come from. Your subconscious reveals itself to you in those dreams.

Hypnotism to Lose Weight

A hypnotist can help you move into the state of relaxation that is similar to sleep. In this trance like state, your conscious mind slows down and you have direct access to your subconscious where you can retrain it. You focus on the control system in your subconscious and reprogram it to help you deal with your desire to lose weight. Hypnosis can implant your desires for weight loss so that these new thoughts are inserted into your conscious mind.

There have been studies that show that dieting and exercise work far more effectively in conjunction with weight loss hypnosis than on their own. In fact, one of the studies, people were hypnotized weekly for 20 weeks and lost on average a pound a week. They made no special effort to eat less and exercise more. The stimulation of their subconscious to lose weight was all they needed to program their conscious mind to make better decisions about what they ate.

If you combine a healthy diet and exercise routine along with a lose weight hypnosis program, you may be pleasantly surprised with the ease in which you are able to lose the weight and keep it off for good. It is amazing what you can achieve when the mind supports your effort to change.

Hypnosis to lose weight can make your diet and exercise plan more effective and more enjoyable. Instead of struggling with your diet, weight loss hypnosis can help you feel inspired to continue watching what you eat and to view your exercise program as something you desire instead of something you feel like you need to do.

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